August 1, 2022

Bohemian Jungle

My own vintage & bohemian style!

Normally my summer season consists of traditional trips and events. But this summer so far has been an adventurous one. I've been trying new things, meeting new people, and finding ways of updating things like my style. 

As previously mentioned in my lasted outfit editorial "Sandy Sunsets" - Check it out here! - I talked about the adventure I recently took in updating my summer style. Today, I'm bringing you another version of what I referred to in the editorial when I said " I've been vibing more towards a bohemian comfortable look". In the editorial "Sandy Sunsets" I wanted to focus more on a bright bold color and comfort. For this editorial, I wanted to focus more on showcasing a vintage & bohemian look but with my own twist to it. 

I have said it before but I will say it again, the hardest looks to put together are the simplest ones. Achieving a classic sophisticated look is hard enough but putting together a classic, comfortable but bohemian look is surprisingly harder because you really need to know what works for you. Luckily for me, I have experienced wearing many kinds of clothing items and I feel pretty secure about what works for me and what doesn't. But looking for those items I personally like and know works for me are sadly hard to find and come by. 

Thanks to Beotyshow, I was able to put this look together very easily. And shockingly, I was able to receive it less than a week after ordering it. The best part is, that the quality is amazing. I was able to order things according to my measurements and when I tried them on for the first time everything fit. 

Since deciding to stick with this new style, I've been getting so many compliments about my looks from people both in person and on my socials. And let's be honest, this has also boosted my confidence and inspired me to test out my style more often. A special thank you to Beotyshow for sponsoring this post and please show them some love by checking them out on social media and their store. That's all for now and I catch up with you all in my next post. 

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