August 22, 2022

Field Day

First Annual Field Day 2022

Don't you sometimes get an idea in your head and just go with it? Early this summer while scrolling on Instagram I saw a post on my explore page of people playing games in a park. Weirdly, this gave me the idea of having a Field Day competition with my friends. Today, I'm here to share how it all went.

Once I got the idea, I asked my friend Varsha for her opinion on having this event and asked her to help me execute it. My goal for this event is not just to do it this year but also to make it a yearly tradition within my group of friends. Of course, I also wanted to plan this event as well thought and organized as possible. Though we had only a few weeks to come up with the games, location, and prizes, we somehow manage to get it all done on time. 

Though I was the referee in this year's field day, I learned a few things about my friends, about hosting a field day, and even myself. I learned that my friends and I are getting old. Even though the games we played were elementary grade games, physically they are challenging. Definitely, it was a first-time experience for everyone. Also, I learned how much fun being around my friends is. Seeing how we all work under pressure, work in teams, and cooperate with each other really got us closer. In the end, we all made our first Field Day event a blast. We ran, we jump, we played, and we got hurt but we survived and can't wait to do it again next year. 

Below are a few of the photos I took during the event. Head on to my personal TikTok (Click Here) to watch all the games and learn which team won this year's Field Day 2022. That's all for today and I'll catch up with you all on my new post. 

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