August 15, 2022

Sweet Ice

Defeating sweet cravings with Alec's Ice Cream

I wouldn't consider myself someone who craves sweets often but when I do, I usually go for something with great flavor. This summer season, I've been defeating my sweet cravings with Alec's Ice Cream. With a variety of delicious and unique flavors, here's why I'm currently with a big sweet tooth for Alec's Ice Cream.

For some time now and for some weird season, my relationship with dairy has been rough. Sometimes my gut is okay and sometimes not so much when I intake dairy to the point where I consider myself to be lactose intolerant. Because of that, I do try to be careful when it comes to food items made with milk, mostly regular milk. This turned me to be picky about the places I get ice cream and how often I can have it. 

But that's a thing of the past because this summer season I discovered Alec's Ice Cream. I was really surprised to learn about how their ice cream is made and completely believe in their goal as a company. Of course, it all comes to flavor and how it makes me feel. Happy to say, I have been eating so much ice cream this season, it has not made my gut upset at all. The flavors are amazing and so delicious. My current favorite is the chocolate chocolate chip and I still can't believe myself when I say I can eat a whole container all by myself. 

As I have said before, sometimes I wish we were able to taste things through the internet but till then, you can try Alec's Ice Cream by checking your local market or by heading to www.alecsicecream.com Thank you Alec's Ice Cream for sponsoring today's post and I'll be catching up with you all on my next post. 

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