September 23, 2022

At My On PACE!

People coming together to support & share one another!

I've been very open about my mental health journey since the beginning, but I haven't been open about how I practice what I have learned from it. Since starting to use Pace, I have noticed more vulnerability in myself and others. Here's how Pace has helped me and why I love using it. 

I'm a big believer of things happens for a reason and I like to believe Pace came into my life at a time of need. Being in therapy has been educational and life-changing, but even though what I have learned from it has been easy to implement in myself, it was still a challenge when it comes to others. I'm talking about being more vulnerable about my emotions and problems. Let's be honest, I find it hard opening up to people about how I'm feeling and the reason I do certain things. Is not that I'm being fake because that's far from what I want to be but being not okay can be seen as scary. 

If you put me in a room all alone, I can be the most honest person but when it comes to sharing things with others around is a whole different story. To practice being more vulnerable with myself and others, I decided to join Pace. I wasn't too sure what to expect from Pace at first because I did feel as if I was getting myself into an addiction kind of group therapy. Nothing with that but I don't think that's what I need. After joining my first group, I was really surprised by what the other members were sharing. They were very honest about their current emotional state and problems which made me feel in a safe place to discuss my own. The best part about each group is the people. They all have different backgrounds, different careers, and different ways of seeing life but with the common need of feeling heard and justify.

I've been using Pace for almost two months now and I'm very happy with my experience. Join me in becoming a better self by being part of Pace. Don't worry, you get to pick your own ground, your own meeting time, and best part, discuss whatever you want all at your own pace. That's all for today and I'll catch up with you all in my next post. 

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