September 5, 2022


Becoming a better pet parent!

Currently my puppy Loki is a little over a year old. Not sure if I have told this story before, but I was that person who didn't want a pet but the entire family wanted one so they got one. Somehow over a year later, he follows me everywhere I go and won't leave me alone. I'm pretty sure if he could talk he would call me dad.

This has led me to find ways to educate myself about being a good pet parent. Luckily for me, I found Vetted! Vetted is a community of pet experts who are available 24/7. They answer all of the questions and concerns I may have regarding my pup. They have saved me so many unnecessary trips to the vet, which can be expensive. They have also given me tips for taking care of my pup, product suggestions, and discounts. 

The Vetted app also helps you keep track of your pet's treatments with its reminder feature and helps you store all of your pet's records in one place. Vetted has been my support system when it comes to taking care of my pup and it should be yours too. Learn more about Vetted by downloading the app from the app store or head to www.getvetted.io.

A special thank you to Vetted for sponsoring this post and for helping me become a better pet parent. What is the best pet tip or recommendation you have received? Let me know in the comments and I'll be catching up with you all in my next post. 

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