November 4, 2022

Scooby Doo!

Where are you?

Like any other holiday, I celebrate by doing a special editorial. Surprisingly, I have never done one for Halloween. But better late than never right? For this year's Halloween, I wanted my family involved and do my own version of Scooby Doo.

Even though this editorial was done before October started, I'm posting this editorial a bit late because I recently moved into a new temporary living space, which I will discuss in future posts. My apology for the wait.

When thinking about what to do for this Halloween editorial not going to lie, so many ideas came to mind. But doing my version of Scooby Doo was the one I decided to do first because it was the easiest. Especially since I have a dog who kind of looks like scooby himself. Many wanted me to be Shaggy but the fact that my brother and I are the ones who take care of - in this case - scooby. It made more sense for my brother to be Shaggy and for me to be Fred. Funny enough, even their personalities kind of match ours as well. 

On the day of shooting this editorial, for some reason, that day was a crazy day. Everyone had something to do before and after the scheduled time but we made it work. As usual, Loki - aka, Scooby - gets a bit too hyper when it comes to shooting and it was a workout trying to get a good shot of him but we managed to get a few cute photos of him. At first, I was thinking of also dressing as a monster to make this editorial more fun but then I remembered I have two nephews who are always annoying my life, and couldn't think of any more scary monsters than those two. 

After a few hours of craziness, I was really happy to have had this family moment and to create this memorable editorial. If you have also been checking my socials recently - as you should be - I have also been recreating some fun Halloween makeup looks. Happy to say this Halloween season has been one of the craziest, yet most fun I have ever had. I know is a bit late, but I hope everyone had an amazing and Happy Halloween. 

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