January 9, 2023

What A Year '22

2022 year recap!

Another year has gone by and though it does feel like 2020 was just yesterday, looking back at 2022, it was pretty good after all. Today, I'm sharing and discussing a few of my favorite editorials and posts throughout 2022.

January: New Attitude - It was the start of a new year and things weren't going as planned. Ironically I think this is the same case this year too but the big difference is the fact that I was heartbroken then. I made the decision to break away from a toxic crush I had where our relationship was on and off throughout the previous year. Music is very inspiring and it sure inspired my New Attitude in the new year. 

February: Breakbreak Anniversary - Life works in mysterious ways. A year up to this point, I made the decision to also break away from someone who I thought I was in love with. I will say I learned a lot about myself and was really proud to have proven to myself how far I'm willing to go for someone who I care for. This editorial was a little tribute to that moment of heartbreak. Not made by someone else but made by myself. The biggest heartbreak is the one you cause yourself. 

March: My Comfy World - Believe it or not, I really do enjoy decorating rooms. No, I will not be pursuing an interior design career but definitely brings me joy in doing it for myself. This was the most time-consuming and biggest design I have ever done but it was all worth it in the end. Though I don't live in this room anymore, I will forever cheer the memories made there. 

April: Breakfast Time - Javiortiz.com has brought me so many opportunities I never saw getting. 2022 was the year where I had at least two sponsorships a month. Even though I've been creating posts for over ten years, 2022 was the year when Javiortiz.com was officially operating on its own. And crazy enough, I'm happy to say I started 2023 with at least three times that amount of sponsorships. Is true what they say, "just keep doing what you enjoy and you will make it".

May: Glam Summer Night - Coming up with birthday plans isn't as easy as many people make it seem. At least for me! Because I'm extra for no reason and I'm usually looking to upscale from previous birthday events. After some thinking, I realized I haven't hosted a birthday party since my sixteenth birthday - and that was a flop - this time I wanted something meaningful, fun, and of course glamourous. 

June: What Is Javiortiz.com - It's been 10 years since I created this wonderful platform where I have been able to express myself, share my ideas and share other people's talents with the world. I thought it would be appropriate to remind everyone what Javiortiz.com is all about and what it will be in the future. 

July: Sandy Sunsets - I really feel like 2022 was a year to re-discover myself. Looking back I have noticed a big difference in my style, my purpose, and how I live. Being comfortable was never an option before but now I really do enjoy it. Though I would say living in comfort and comfortless is the best of both worlds. 2022 was definitely a comfortable year, and can not wait to face my fear of being comfortless once again this year as I am embarking on new projects and goals. 

August: Bohemian Jungle - Everything happens for a reason and I do feel thankful for having taken a break from what I once thought was the best career ever. Taking a step back and analyzing my work, personal and emotional system was a great way to identify the flaws and make adjustments. I hate using this word but I was burning out and scared of taking a step back, but somehow I did and you can see it through my bohemian style. 

September: New Beginnings | NYFW - I always wondered when will I stop attending fashion week. Turn out that decision was out of my hand when 2020 happened and then I wondered when I was going to go back. Two years later, I was officially back! This time with more knowledge, purpose, and a lot of new looks. Fashion week for me isn't just about work but also a personal discovery because you never know what collection or things will inspire your next personal style. 

October: The Power Of Journaling - I've been open about my mental health journey for a while now and this time I wanted to share how I keep my thinking process aligned. I'm an overthinker and losing myself in my own head comes easy to me. Keeping a journal where I get asked things like "How was your day" "How do you truly feel right now" and such makes me more self-aware about my emotions, stress, and anxiety. This helps me to make better life decisions and now being 2023, it has become a major part of my goal process. 

November: Holiday + Cyber Weekend Gift Guide With GooLife - To be honest with you all, this past holiday season didn't feel very holiday-ish to me. I think the stress of the end of the year really got to me and wasn't really enjoying the holiday events and all the fun the holidays usually bring me, I will say I was happy to be collaborating with a major brand for my first ever cyber weekend sale. 

December: No Turning Back - One thing about life is we're not able to go back to the past. Everything that has been done, said or thought is there and can not be undone. Though they're no turning backs, we can create a better path for our future. This is the kind of thinking I'm walking into the new year. Accepting our past, living our present and planning the furute is better said than done, but nothing hurts by trying. 

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