February 10, 2023

Pizza First | NYFW

New York Fashion Week Craziness!

I've talked about how crazy New York Fashion Week can be in many previous editorials. This time, I wanted to do an editorial showcasing what most editors, photographers, and people in the fashion industry do between shows. Eat pizza!

I don't know why I haven't gotten used to the fact that no matter how much planning you do when it comes to fashion week mostly everything happens spontaneously. Designers are rushing to finish their collections, editors, and photographers are running all over town from one show to another, and are always behind schedule. All of this makes the majority of us miss normal day-to-day activities like eating, showering, skincare routine, drinking water, and sleeping. But in the end, everything is worth the experience. 

While all of this chaos is happening some of us do find some time to have a break and enjoy a quick meal. Being in New York City, this quick meal is usually pizza. That's right! Pizza is easy to find, quick to order, and quick to eat. After a long day of meetings, I didn't have much time to make dinner plans. Luckily, my team and I stopped by a pizza place right before our first show of the season. Funny enough, we end up finding out a few of the people at the pizzeria were also heading to the same show as we were. Proving the fact that pizza is definitely the safe and quick way to go.

I've been wanting to wear this white blazer for some time now and finally got to wear it. Of course, knowing me, I also wanted to add my own twist to this look and decided to create this Dior-inspired skirt belt. It was quick to make and love the way it matches the blazer making this whole outfit look fashionable, and simple but yet, me. A special thank you to my team of the night, my PR girl Brie and my photographer of the night, Aqua. Also a special thank you to Susanne Bartsch's team for making this night possible. 

Photos by Aqua Rose 

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