February 24, 2023

Topicals Faded Serum, High Roller & Slather Review

You make skin looks good 

I recently received these Topicals products and I wanted to test them out to see if they actually work. Reviewing the Topicals Faded Serum, High Roller Ingrown Tonic & Slather Body Serum. Do they work? Watch and read this post to find out. 

Faded Serum - Turn out this serum is very hydrating, which has cut down the use of three to four products to one. I've been using this serum before going to bed almost every day for a week and my skin is brighter, smoother, and most importantly, hydrating. 

High Roller Ingrown Tonic - To really test this product, I decided to shave a part of my body and my hair has been growing back normal as usual. No redness, no bumps, and definitely no ingrowns. I've been using this product along with the Slather Body Serum and my body feels and looks glowing and healthy. Perfect duo I might say. 

Slather Body Serum- A little definitely goes a long way. After using this product two times during the week I quickly noticed a glow on my body. This is hard to believe because it is winter, but my skin is glowing. I mostly like the fact that it exfoliates the skin while keeping it moisturized. 

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