March 3, 2023

Hair Lab By Strands Review

Customized hair care!

I have tested and reviewed many products but very few hair ones. Time to change that with the Hair Lab by Strands. Let's find out if the hype of these products is as they claim. Do they work? Do they don't? Let's find out together!

Revitalizing Shampoo: As I mentioned in the video, beaching my hair last year fried my hair and my made scalp unbalanced. This shampoo has been a blessing because it cleans my hair without making my hair feel too dry or too oily. My ends don't feel as fried as before and with my new virgin hair growing back, I definitely feel this will help make my hair grow healthier and strong. 

Well-Balanced Conditioner: Normally my hair isn't too dry or too oily but currently the state of my hair is confusing because of my fried ends and new virgin hair growing in. Because of this, I choose this conditioner to help me balance my hair and scalp. I'm usually not a fan of conditioners because the ones I have previously used have felt like butter to me. This one has changed my mindset of that and now I really look forward to how nice my hair feels after every use. 

The Doses: Anti-Frizz, Scalp Reset & Anti-Breakage - I choose each of these doses to help me get my hair back on track from the damage of bleach. Recently, I've been satisfied with the results and how amazing my hair feels. Though I didn't mention the prices of these products in the video because I forgot what they were. I knew these products were affordable and to be honest, they really are. Especially for a customized product. 

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