March 27, 2023

Ring It On

Same promise, new ring

Five years ago, I made a promise and to remind myself of that promise, I got a ring. I proudly wear this ring on my right ring finger and recently thanks to Manly Bands this ring has gotten an upgrade from a basic silver style to a luxurious black tungsten ring. 

I often get asked the question "Why are you wearing a ring?" followed by "Are you married?".  Though I wish to say yes, my ring is a symbolization of a promise I made and a reminder of self-love. As Google says, "'... the right ring finger symbolizes love and trust.','...also convey self-love and is often used for rings that celebrate a milestone or accomplishment.'". I'm not yet ready to share what exactly the promise is, but I wear this ring proudly and now I'm happy to have upgraded my ring to a new Manly Bands Black Plated Tungsten Carbide Ring. 

When I first got my Manly Bands ring I was shocked at how nice it felt. It felt heavy, strong, and smooth. Honestly, it definitely made me feel more "manly". Also, I was quite surprised to see it also came with an elastic version of the ring. Perfect to wear at the gym or on simple casual occasions. 

I really do love how easy it is to style this ring. For this editorial, I styled my new Manly Bands ring with an orange long-sleeve shirt and a pair of light beige pants to really embrace the color of my new ring. I highly recommend checking out Manly Bands ring collections because they truly have great designs, quality, and prices. A special thank you to Manly Bands for sponsoring this post and hope to see you all on my next post. 

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