June 19, 2023

A Taste Of Wine With Firstleaf

Wine tasting all summer long!

Recently, I got to discover Firstleaf. A wine subscription where you can try different wines from across the world from the comfort of your home. Thanks to this, I can officially say I will be tasting and discovering new wines all summer long.

Of course, I won't be doing all the wine tasting by myself. I came up with the idea of hosting a few wine-tasting events throughout the summer where my friends and I can share and explore this tasty adventure together. My first wine-tasting event was at the Vanderbilt Museum, which not only has very educational exhibitions but is also a beautiful place with amazing views. 

We started our tasting adventure by trying out a blush wine, then a few white wines, and finish up by trying out the red wines as the Firstleaf drinking suggestion card said. Fristleaf really made a good job of matching my taste preferences with their wine suggestion list. After a few bottles, my friends and I were excited about what my next order of Firstleaf will bring. Try Firstleaf yourself by visiting their site at www.firstleaf.com. 

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