November 22, 2023

Strip Makeup Removers Review

Strip Skincare Cleansing System 

Makeup is fun, creative, and innovative but unfortunately, it cannot last forever on our face. Watch me test and review the Strip Makeup Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover,  Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover, Reusable Cleaning Wipes and, Premium Cotton Cleansing Wipes. 

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STRIP MAKEUP Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover, STRIP MAKEUP Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover, STRIP MAKEUP Reusable Cleaning WipesSTRIP MAKEUP Premium Cotton Cleansing Wipes

Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover - Deep clean and hydrating. This makeup remover is for those who wear makeup often and want a deep and strong makeup remover without having to exfoliate their skin. I tested this remover with the reusable cleaning wipes - review on it below - and it took off my makeup so easily. Not only did it do a great at taking off my makeup but it also did it gently, leaving my skin feeling clean and hydrating. I was honestly debating if I should wash my face afterward because I didn't even feel like it was needed. 

Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover - An easy way for me to describe this product, would be skincare makeup remover. That's right! This makeup remover not only will remove your makeup but also add skincare components to your skin. Making your skin feel fresh after every use. I tested this remover with the premium cotton cleaning wipes and it took off my makeup easily. If you're someone who likes a good skincare remover, look no further and get the Caviar Jelly Makeup Remover. 

Reusable Cleaning Wipes - I was very skeptical about these wipes because I have never used these kinds of wipes on my face. To my surprise, these wipes are so soft and they even came in a cute bag perfect for safe wash and storage. I tested these wipes with the whipped coconut makeup remover and these two did an amazing job in removing my makeup without feeling like I was exfoliating my skin as other wipes. I'm so in love with them, I have been using them to remove my makeup ever since I tested these products. These wipes make the perfect personal wipes and the best part is, they are reusable. 

Premium Cotton Cleansing Wipes - I have been using makeup remover wipes since I started wearing makeup. But these cleaning wipes are the strongest and softest wipes I've ever felt. They might look like your ordinary tissue, but when you feel them and use them on your face to remove your makeup, they are the best wipes you have ever used. I tested these wipes using the caviar jelly makeup remover and these together not only took my makeup easily but also left my skin feeling fresh and clean. I'm happy to say that only one wipe was enough to remove half of my face, I would've probably used one for my entire face to be fair - but for the sake of the test, I only did half. I highly recommend these wipes to those who are makeup artists since they are a one-time use only. 

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