December 1, 2023

Am/Pm Radiance Skin

Morning routine with 35 Thousand Skincare

Everything around us requires different things at different times, including our skin. It's been a while since I last shared my morning routine, and there's no need to wait too long for an update because I'm here to share my new skincare routine using the AM/PM Radiance Set by 35 Thousand Skincare. 

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35 Thousand Skincare Am/Pm Radiance Set, 35 Thousand Skincare Cleaver Cleansing Balm, 35 Thousand Skincare Refresh & Revive Mist35 Thousand Skincare Really Radiant Cream

35 Thousand Skincare Am/Pm Radiance Set - I enjoy using and trying new products but since I started using the Am/PM Radiance Set my skin has been glowing with hydration. I also would like to mention that my skin lately has been super dry like a desert and usually around this time of the year my skin is also very prone to acne breakouts. But luckily this season my skin has never looked better and all because I introduced this set of products into my daily routine. 

35 Thousand Skincare Cleaver Cleansing Balm - Soft and effective. I've been enjoying using this cleanser, especially in the mornings. I noticed my skin is very nicely hydrated in the morning from my night routine and this cleanser is soft enough to clean my skin but without being too exfoliating or drying.

35 Thousand Skincare Refresh & Revive Mist - I love using a makeup setting spray and the fact that I can have a similar experience with this mist is literally the best part of my routine. This product is not just refreshing but also makes my skin feel alive and preps the skin for moisturizer. 

35 Thousand Skincare Really Radiant Cream - I have said before that I'm usually not a fan of creams but somehow this product has really surprised me because I still don't really believe this product is a cream. This cream goes into my skin so smoothly and it does not feel like a cream to me. The product observes into my skin just like a serum or any other gel-type moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and glowy yet mate. 

The Am/Pm Radiance set has been a life-changing experience for me and I really appreciate having the opportunity to have access to this kind of skincare. But don't worry, you can also have this opportunity to try these products yourself by learning more about them HERE. Let me know what you think about my new updated morning skin routine. That's all for now, thank you for reading and I'll catch up with you all on my next post. 

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