January 19, 2024

Luxury Pet Accessories By Nina Woof

Elevate every bark!

I'm not the only stylish one in my house. Thanks to the Nina Woof, my Loki is always elegant and ready for any occasion with his beige Milan vegan leather collar and leash. Now let me tell you why I chose Nina Woof and why I'm currently obsessed with all their luxury pet accessories. 

Since last summer, I decided to upgrade my wardrobe and really focus on getting items of higher quality. But this upgrade didn't just stop there, I decided to upgrade the quality of everything in my life including my pup's wardrobe as well. I first learned about Nina Woof back in August 2023 and I fell in love with everything. My only problem then was what pick and which color I should get. 

A few months ago, I made a big order and when I received it I got extra excited not only because of how beautiful all the items were but also because of how beautiful each item was packaged. If you know about luxury, you know you can really tell luxury just by the way items are packaged. Each item came with its own box and was beautifully ready to be worn - even Loki got excited about his new accessories. 

It's been months since Loki has been wearing his new collar and let me first say this collar is high quality. There are no stains on his collar at all! Usually, leather collars start to stain or wrinkle really fast after a while and his collar so far has not been given any signs of wear even after being worn 24/7, wet and dry. 

Even the leash itself had been keeping me really happy because honestly, I wasn't too sure of how strong or long it would last since my Loki is a big pup. But to my surprise, this is one of the strongest leashes he currently has. The best part of it all is how cute and elegant both items match and look on Loki. Of course, I couldn't miss the fun so I decided to also get some items for myself before clothing items were sold out. 

Ever since I received all of our Nina Woof items, I have not stopped bragging about how amazing these items are. They are luxuries, high quality and not to forget, affordable. If you wish to learn more about Nina Woof and try a few items yourself, you can check www.NinaWoof.com. That's all for today, thank you all for reading and I'll be catching up with you all again soon. 

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The Nina Woof Collar Milan Beige, The Nina Woof Leash Milan Beige

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