January 8, 2024

The Comune Essential Kit Review

Unlock your skin's natural beauty!

It is a new year, and what better way to start the year than by trying out some new skin care products. I received this kit weeks ago but finally got to it and am here to share all my thoughts on them. Do they work? Or they don't? Watch my review to find out.

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The Comune Essentials Kit, The Comune Essentials Face Cleanser, The Comune AHA Exfoliant TonerThe Comune Vita Boost Serum, The Comune Hydra Shroom Cream, The Comune Revitalize Overnight Mask 

The Comune Essentials Face Cleanser: I wasn't too sure what I was expecting from this cleanser but after using it I was really surprised at how deeply this cleanser cleaned my face. As I mentioned in my review video, I mostly see myself using this cleanser during the summer season where my skin is more oily and dirty from being out most of the time. But after adding the serum and cream to my face, I decided that this cleanser would be great to use at least once or twice a week since is a great way to use it as a deep cleanser in my skincare routine. 

The Comune AHA Exfoliant Toner: Weirdly enough, I have not been using any kind of exfoliants lately so I was really excited to see how this exfoliant was going to work on my skin. While poring this exfoliant into a cotton path, I noticed this product is not your typical liquid toner but it did look a bit jelly which made the application process so easy and quick compared to regular liquid toners that mostly dry upon touching the skin. I will have to say if you have sensitive skin, this product might be a bit strong for you so highly suggest testing it out before use. I will be adding this exfoliant into my skin routine and use it at least once or twice a week to prevent dead skin from clogging my pores and such. 

The Comune Vita Boost Serum: I'm a big fan of serums and I might know a thing or two about them by the amount of serums I've used. After using the Aha Exfoliant Toner, my skin felt tacky just as mentioned in the toner description, so I definitely needed a boost of hydration. My skin must have been so thirsty because my skin absorbed this serum in seconds. Even though the recommended use amount for this product is one or two drops, I ended up using four since I felt two drops weren't enough for me at the time. Two major highlights of this product are the fact that isn't oil, because I strongly dislike serums that are oil and sticky. And the fact that this serum contains an anti-wrinkle formulation which is great for me currently because is better to prevent than to fix. So if you're looking for a good high-quality boost serum, this serum is one to keep your eye on. 

The Comune Hydra Shroom Cream: Not sure if the formulation of cream products lately has been changed, but the majority of cream products I have used recently have really surprised me by the fact that they don't feel like creams once I apply them to my skin. This moisturizer cream feels very light and absorbs so easily into the skin. But most importantly, it brought back the perfect amount of moisture my skin needed. 

The Comune Revitalize Overnight Mask: I’ve been a fan of night creams for a few years now. Love the fact that they add the perfect amount of moisture throughout the night which is where your skin has time to renew itself leaving you with gorgeous morning skin. This overnight mask is no exception, with its gel consistency, this mask left my skin feeling hydrated and glowing right after putting it on. And though I wore this overnight mask during the day, it hydrated my skin throughout the day without making my skin feeling oil or looking shiny even with makeup on. So if you’re looking for a good quality overnight mask, I highly recommend trying this one out. 

The Comune Essentials Kit: Over all, this kit really is impacted with all the skincare essential products a good quality skincare routine should have. From deep cleaning your skin while keeping it hydrated and protected from wrinkles, these products work amazingly together as they do individually. Learn more about these products by visiting thecommune.com

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