February 13, 2024

Buckle Up | NYFW

Fast crazy short ride!

This season of New York fashion has kept me more busy than I expected & I was really happy about that because it showed me that I still got it. You better buckle up because fashion week has been a fun crazy ride. 

When I made the decision to do fashion week once again, my PR light went green right away. I have been telling myself for years if I do fashion week again, I do not want to do it as I used to do it before and won’t be doing it for free either. That’s right, going to these shows is a privilege but it does come with a high cost. Thanks to you my readers and followers, this season of fashion week has been sponsored by a few brands who I have been showcasing on my socials throughout this week. Besides that, I have been able to connect and socialize with other influencers with whom I’ll be featuring in my new SWJV segment “Where Did You Get It?” out now over SWJV. 

As I mentioned in my previous post - Hello Again! - before fashion week, I spend a few days catching up on previous collections and I end up liking the buckle blazer trend. I have been a fan of this trend for quite some time but this time I wanted to do it the right way for this special occasion. I found this buckle blazer with matching oversized pants and I think this look was not only fashionable and edgy but super comfortable too. Believe it or not, I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable yet fashionable with an outfit - at least for this time of the year. I did end up getting compliments on my look too which of course, makes the day even better. 

Unfortunately, this look was my last official outfit look for this season of fashion week - yeah it was a short ride - but I can definitely say that me attending this season of fashion week was not just important for my business but also for my soul. I feel motivated, inspired, and creative to focus on showcasing my fashion and learning more about what the fashion world has to offer. That’s all for now and I’ll be catching up with you all on my next post. 

Photo Credit: @capturedbyrigo - Edited By: @studiosatjv

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