February 9, 2024

Elaluz Products Review

Tanned & glowing all year long!

Might be winter but I'm ready to be glowing all year long. Elaluz ended up sending a few of their products and of course, I couldn't help myself than to review them. Do they work? Or do they not? Watch me test and review all these Elalux products to find out. 

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Elaluz Summer Forever Self-Tanning Mousse, Elaluz No Tan Lines Tanning MittElaluz Liquid Bronzer With Camu Camu, Elaluz Brazilian Blur Body Brush, Elaluz Sun Dose Self-Tanning Face Drops, Elaluz  On The Daily Hydrating Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion, Elaluz Cali Queen Face Palette, Elaluz 24K Lip Therapy, Elaluz Vegan Suede Cosmetic Bag

Elaluz Summer Forever Self-Tanning Mousse & No Tan Lines Tanning Mitt - When I saw these products I got really excited because recently I've been complaining about how pale I've been looking. As I mentioned in my review video - if you haven't watched it yet - I tested the self-tanning mousse on my left arm using the tanning mitt, leaving the right arm product free to see if it does anything. The tanning mitt is honestly magic. It applied the tanning mousse so easily and no lines at all. After waiting around twenty minutes or so, I compared both arms and noticed my left arm was darker than my right one. Mind you, I only applied one pump to my arm and noticed a difference. The day after filming this review, I decided to apply this product all over my body and I'm happy to announce that I look like I just arrived from Bora Bora. One major plus about the majority of these products is the fact that they dry quick and do not transfer any product to your clothes or anywhere. 

Elaluz Liquid Bronzer With Camu Camu & Brazilian Blur Body Brush - If you're looking for something more temporary but still want a nice glow, these two products together will be your new best friends. Using the super soft and high-quality blur body brush, I applied around six pumps of the liquid bronzer to my chest area and within seconds I had a nice glow. Of course, I could've applied more for a deeper glow, but I just wanted some color for this review. I love this shirt I'm wearing and I really worry about ruining it, but lucky for me the liquid bronzer dries quickly and no ruined shirts occur. 

Elaluz Sun Dose Self-Tanning Face Drops - I was actually really looking forward to trying this product. These are drops that you mix with your current favorite moisturizer to achieve a nice tan. You can use as many drops as you want but for this review, I ended up using only three drops since I was only using half of the face to test this product. Didn't take too long for me to start noticing a color difference on my face. It wasn't like crazy crazy but definitely, something to notice since the other half of my face was paler. I actually really like this product and I'm actually using it currently once in a while for a soft tan glow. 

Elaluz On The Daily Hydrating Gradual Self-Tanning Lotion - I love having options, and this lotion is very similar to the self-tanning face drops. The difference is, that this lotion does not need to be mixed with any other moisturizer since it is already a hydrating lotion as is. Also, you can use this location on your face and body. The only thing about this lotion is that it works slowly and might need to reapply a few times to achieve a glow-up. I decided to use this lotion once a day on my body during the days that I'm not using the tanning mousse to help maintain my current glow. 

Elaluz Cali Queen Face Palette - Usually during the summer when I naturally get tanner, my skin gets glower and just amazing. Because of that, I try not to use any cover-up makeup products such as foundation, concealers, etc. But the only products I like to use are blush and bronzer to even out my complexion. This face palette basically just added all the products I like to use during the summer all in one. And now that I'm glowing and is not even summer, I'm very happy to have my hands on this palette because it sure helped me achieve that sun-kissed glow I really love. 

Elaluz 24K Lip Therapy - I have used so many lip balms and this one really surprised me. Usually, lip balms that come in a small container like this one, are very waxy, oily, or just so soft that they almost disappear upon touch. But not this one! Even after circling my finger on this product a few times, it didn't melt away. And once I applied it on my lips, this product felt hydrating and not waxy or oily. Even minutes after applying, my lips still felt soft and hydrating. This lip balm also has no smell or weird taste, so definitely something for everyone. 

Elaluz Vegan Suede Cosmetic Bag - As I mentioned in my review, you can really tell the quality of a bag through its zipper. And the zipper of this bag is so smooth and high quality, I think I might have found my new everyday travel bag. The suede on the outside makes this bag feel so luxurious and the fabric inside seems to make it easy to clean which is a big plus for me. 

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