February 2, 2024

Purple Carbon Toothpaste & Skin Whitening Cream By The Ceel Review

Whiter teeth & whiter skin dark spots

I'm back with another review and recently I received the Purple Carbon Toothpaste and Skin Whitening Cream by The Ceel. Of course, I couldn't wait to try them out and here I'm sharing my thoughts on these two products. Watch my review and let me know your thoughts too. 

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The Ceel Purple Carbon Toothpaste, The Ceel Skin Whitening Cream

The Ceel Purple Carbon Toothpaste: I have tried many teeth-whitening products, from toothpaste to teeth strips; all have pros and cons. And I'm not going to lie, I wasn't too excited about this purple toothpaste, but I decided to still give it a try. The packaging of this toothpaste isn't nothing groundbreaking so I wouldn't really think of it too much. After brushing my teeth with this toothpaste, I was really surprised at how freshly minty it was. My mouth felt like that even minutes after brushing my teeth, so that is something I haven't seen in a toothpaste in a minute. For the teeth whitening part, well is definitely purple and it does help with teeth whitening. Even after one use, I did notice a difference in my teeth but nothing dramatically crazy. I do think this toothpaste has to be used continuously for better results and if you are someone who has already whiter teeth, this toothpaste is great for keeping your teeth brightly white. 

The Ceel Skin Whitening Cream: When I first saw this product I was really confused by the title but after reading more about it turned out this product whitens dark spots on the face, body, and intimate areas. This is the first time that I've seen a dark spot corrector that can be also used on intimate areas, so I was definitely curious to really try this on. The consistency of this cream was very foamy, almost like a marshmallow. It went on my skin so smooth, though it did leave a white complexion on the skin similar to some sun creams. I followed up with my normal skincare routine after putting this cream on my skin and the next day my skin was feeling soft as a baby's bottom. I have been using this cream daily since filming this review and let me say that I've been in love with this cream. 

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