February 7, 2024

SWJV Winter '24 Campaign

Wintery layers

A new season of SWJV is finally here! After a lot of time overthinking this collection, I finally decided that it was time to share, and what better than to do it than right at the start of the new year. Check out my new SWJV Winter 2024 campaign here!

When I first created SWJV back in 2014, I knew I wanted to create a store where people could see and find items that are fashionable, affordable, and all in one place. I officially opened SWJV in 2020, and ever since I have been struggling to keep the store going because I didn't have much inspiration that would flow with it. Then life flew by, and yet here we are years later. After a lot of time spent overthinking about what I was going to do with SWJV, I finally came out with the courage to trust myself and just do it. For this first SWJV campaign, I was inspired by layers. When I think of winter, of course, layers just come by naturally. But for this campaign, I wanted to bring it up a bit by layering items that would make the all items look like one. 

For this first look, I wanted this long black coat to be the main focus point of this look. Believe it or not, I was actually wearing pants and a vest under this coat but doesn't look like it because the coat covers most of it. I wore a grey soft scarf about my neck to add a bit of color and of course, the rest of the accessories as the shows, socks, and bag I kept all black. A lot of simple layers were added to this look but looks simple and clean visually. 

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Marshall's Grey Scarf, ASOS Black Coat, Aldo Black Leather Portfolio Bag, ASOS Black Suede Shoes

This second look was my favorite one to shoot. I decided to get almost all naked - I was wearing underwear - and wore only my current favorite winter accessories. While keeping the theme of layers in mind, I added them all on top of one another, creating a unique and cool look. They say accessories can make or break a look, but who knew it could also create one all by themselves.

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Target Green Fedora Hat, H&M SMint Green Fedora Hat, True Classic Black Knit Bennie, Forever 21 Orange Scarf, True Classic Black Knit Scarf, Marshall's Black Socks, Marshall's White Socks

This last look was a last-minute thought and I love how it all came out. I wanted to wear this grey double-breasted blazer but I wasn't too sure how it would fit into the theme. I took this cropped double-breasted wool coat and I wasn't too excited about how it looked on top of the blazer. Till I decided to combine both the blazer and the coat together and magic was created. Not only did this outfit look fit the theme but also taught me a new way to style my coats and blazers. 

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Forever 21 Black Wool Cropped Jacket, Express Grey Double Breast Blazer, Ralph Lauren White Shirt, Calving Klein Black Tie, The Perfect Jean Light Blue Jeans, Famous Foot Wear White Sneakers

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