March 18, 2024

The Hair Lab By Strands Leave-In Conditioner Review

Smoothing & Hydrating

I tested and reviewed The Hair Lab By Strands Shampoo and Conditioner about a year ago. And recently, they have introduced a new product, and I'm here again to test it out. Does The Hair Lab By Strands Leave-In Conditioner work or not? Watch my review to find out!

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The Hair Lab Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner - I'm not too sure what i was expecting this product to be but i was very surprised when I found out this leave-in conditioner was a spray and not a cream like other leave-in conditioners in the market. The spray really helps distribute the prodcut evenly to the hair and also is a lot less messy. Besides the fact that you can customize this conditioner to your hair needs like all other Hair Lab products, I really like the fact this conditioner makes your hair feel smooth, healthy and soft after it dries without leaving a greesy or heavy feel.  

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