April 8, 2024

Trying The Liquid Hair Chalk By Brite

Temporary hair color!

I enjoy changing the color of my hair and though I'm not a fan of bleaching my hair, I try to use other methods to achieve a cool hairstyle. This is my first time hearing about liquid hair chalk and was really curious to try it out. Watch my review to find out if it works!

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Brite Liquid Hair Chalk Pink - I have tried many kinds of temporary hair color products like color sprays and color hair waxes, but I have never heard of liquid hair chalk till now. Not too sure what my expectations were for this product but I was really surprised at how easy and bright this product was to use and looks. As I mentioned in my review video, even though this product works and looks amazing, it comes off really easily once is wet. Due to that, I will highly recommend avoiding getting wet while using this product. Besides that, I'm in love with this product and wish it would come in many more color options besides pink and blue but I look forward to using it and playing with my hair color.

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