May 31, 2024



Celebrating my 29th Birthday!

For my 29th birthday this year, I decided to upscale an ordinary place we are all very familiar with… McDonald’s. At first, this sounded like a crazy and corny idea - I’m still processing the fact I did that - but everything turned out better than expected. 

People usually criticize me for allegedly only liking fancy and expensive things. And even though I do, I agree that I like fancy and nice things - like most people - I’m also a big believer that fancy and nice things don’t always have to be expensive. I joke around saying “I don’t need a man to take me to a fancy or expensive place, even if is McDonald’s, as long they’re honest & makes it feel special” whenever someone points out my dating life. I would have to blame myself for setting myself a fancy reputation over the last ten years for going all “expensive” with my past birthday celebrations. And even though I feel like I’ve done mostly every basic birthday celebration there’s to do, from a house party, boat party, fancy dinners, travel, brunches, you name it. It has gotten to the point where my friends and I have to come up with creative ways to upscale and challenge our own creative abilities regarding our birthday celebrations. 

I wasn't too sure how I was going to execute this idea at first, I only knew I wanted to be unique but not corny. Just a few weeks before my birthday, I still didn't have any idea of where to start. Lucky for me, a few days after moving into my new home, I found out my neighbors were actually the managers at my local McDonald's. I took this as a sign of destiny and told my neighbors about my idea and they were nice enough to let me do it. I went to my local McDonald's days later to see the inside to start planning the setup and how everything was going to work. One thing that I completely didn't keep in mind was the fact that most of the chairs and tables at the restaurant do not move since they are all glued in place. So my idea of setting a big table inside the restaurant was out of the equation, but then I saw one big table with ten seats, and right away it was my only option of choice. 

For the decor, I knew I wanted to keep it simple but fancy in a way. So, just went to my local Walmart and got basically everything you see on the table. When it came to the black Happy Meals, I actually painted a few Happy Meals boxes and added gold glitter. I think they turned out amazing and honestly one of my favorite parts of the whole decor. 

Would you believe it if I said I found my birthday outfit months before my birthday for only three dollars? That's right, back in March while shopping for spring items, I came across this blazer with an open back and I knew I wanted to wear it on my birthday. Now to think about it, I think this has been the easiest and stress-free birthday I have had in a long time. 

In the end, as I said earlier I’m still processing the fact I did my birthday in a McDonald's. My friends and I had a blast and I'm very happy to have created another memorable occasion for everyone to remember. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and I look forward to enjoying the last year of my twenties. 

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