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Common questions & answers:

What is SWJV?
SWJV is short for Shop With Javiortiz.com. Shop With Javiortiz.com isn't like any ordinary clothing store, we actually like to call it an inspirational store where items are picked by our JV Editors - which are also known as JV Picks. All items in our shop are selected from hundreds of retailers and put together all into one. Consider Shop With Javiortiz.com your own personal shopper. 

What was the inspiration behind SWJV?
People are commonly asking us where to buy the latest trends, affordable items, and most importantly, where to shop. So we created this shop to not only make it easy to find trendy and affordable items but also an easy way to find unique items from a verity of stores all in one place.

How do SWJV works?
SWJV is easy, once you find an item that might interest you, click the image of the item and it will send you straight to the original retailer item site. Each item must be individually purchased from their original retailer unless you are purchasing other items from the same retailer. 

Are sales, shipments, returns, refunds or any other sale procedures done through Javiortiz.com?
Javiortiz.com is not responsible or affiliated with any sales, shipment, return, or any other problem(s) or procedures with any purchases made through any of the retailers. 

How often are new items added?
New items are often added once a month. Giving our customers the latest items, trends, and sales. 

Is there a price range for SWJV?
Yes, we try keeping all items displayed in our shop under %100 USD. We want to provide unique, trendy, and most importantly, affordable items.

What style of clothing is SWJV aspire to? 
We select items according to the current season. Keeping in mind current season trends, prints, colors and shapes. 

What stores/brands do SWJV items are picked from?
Currently, our favorite stores are: