What Are You Wearing?

What is What Are You Wearing?
What Are You Wearing is a new segment at Javiortiz.com where men and women can express their style and passion for fashion by submitting photos of themselves wearing an outfit that describe their style best and  answering a couple of questions about their style and fashion inspiration. This is not only a great opportunity to express themselves through fashion but also to inspire others in the same way they being inspired. What Are You Wearing will up every sunday at Javiortiz.com starting May 4th 2013.

Want to part of What Are You Wearing?
Everyone can be part of WAYW, just follow the following requirements:

1) Take some photos wearing the best outfit that expresses your style. Have fun with it, remember this is your style, be creative. You can submit up to five photos, so choose wisely. Each photo has to be at least 700px wide.

2) After taking your photos, don't forget to submit the following answers as well:

          -Who Are You?
          (Tell us your name, website or blog, and links of social media where people can find you)

          -What Are You Wearing?
           (Tell us the details about you outfit. What is it? Where did it get them? etc. )

          -How do you describe your style?
          (Tell us about your style and where your inspiration comes from? )

          -What does Fashion means to you?
          (Tell us what fashion means to you and how it has inspired you or/and help you express yourself?)

3) Once you answer those questions just submit them with your photos through our personal E-mail at Javiortizdotcom@gmail.com and our experts will review your submission. There's only one submission allow per person, and remember, you have to be older than 18 years old to be part of WAYW.