February 11, 2018

First Of First | NYFW

First day of the first season of NYFW!

The first season of New York Fashion Week of the year is finally here! This year seems like is gonna fly really fast but let's not get too ahead of ourselves yet. Wearing head-to-hoe Michael Kors, my first day of fashion week was early, busy but fun, exciting and inspiring.

After almost missing my first show of the season thanks to New York City's lovely traffic, I was really glad to have made it right on time. Not the kind of beginning I was hoping for but then I realized that's basically part of how fashion week usually is. Running from show to show, fighting mentally with cars like if that's gonna make them move any faster, and trying not to punch anyone who cuts you in line while waiting to get into a show. I can possibly say that wearing head-to-toe black on my first day of fashion week was a good decision.

Luckily I didn't miss any of the shows I planned to attend. Each show was unique, inspiring and it was also great to have reconnected with my good fashion week buddies. After a couple of shows, my team and I decided to take a moment to captured my outfit look at the historical New York Public Library. Shooting and filming in this historical location has actually been a dream of mine. Not sure why it took me this long to shoot an outfit here but I'm really happy to say I done it already. Hope everyone enjoy this look as much I enjoyed wearing it. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post! 


Beige Jacket  

Michael Kors Black SweaterSneakers 

Michael Kors Black Pants  

Michael Kors Black Shoes 

Express Black Sunglasses 

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