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SWJV Men Look #19

A luxurious holiday occasion! 

The Holiday season is here and along with it comes many social events. From family gatherings to special holiday parties, always make sure to dress appropriately for the occasion and make a statement everywhere you go.

La Seine & Moi A/W 2018

"Be Faux Fur" 

Wearing faux fur is a big fashion trend right now. Not only is a statement piece, but is also very warm and cozy. And in the latest La Seine & Moi Autumn Winter 2018 collection, we can find this famous fashion trend in any size, color, and prints.

Time To Leaf

Balancing reality and the future!

Like I mentioned on one of my previous outfit look editorials - Green Life! - something I learned from nature is okay to take breaks. Breaks help you heal, get your mind back on track and is also a great way to find inspiration again. But I'm about to take a break completely different to that.



The month of December marks the beginning of the holiday season. Regardless of how cold the temperatures get, this month we have been inspired by those locations whose holiday spirit warms the harsh cold of the winter season. 

Top 5: Instagrams Of The Month #19

November 2018

Cold season has approched sooner than we thought, but thanks to these Instagrammers we know exactly how to keep warm and stylish at the same time. Here are our November's Top 5: Instagrams Of The Month.

SWJV Women Look #18


During the cold season, a major problem is the temperature. Especially when it comes to getting ready for a fun night out. But thanks to long coats, you can still rock on a dress and your favorite heels and still feel comfortable heading out during cold temperatures.

Lights Up!

Each light is a dream!

The brain, the mind, whatever you want to name it, is a part of us that has no limits. Every night before going to sleep, I can't help but think of things I would like to achieve in my future and a few crazy ideas here and there. But then I remembered something while visiting a magical location in NYC.  

Design Shades: Black

Luxuriously dark!

Just like bright colors, dark colors can be a little overwhelmed for some people. Especially when it comes to incorporating it into their homes or office space. But did you know the color black is actually considered one of the most luxurious colors, along with white, beige and brown!

Things I'm Thankful For In 2018

10 things I'm thankful for this year!

Wow, can’t believe is Thanksgiving already! The holiday season has officially start & I’m excited to enjoy the best part of the year. This year has been a roller coaster, but I can’t complain, it has been a year full of learning experiences and a lot more. Here are 10 things I’m thankful for this year. 

Hugo Boss A/W 2018

Winter edge!

Winter style can be very debatable because they're just way too many styles you can choose from. From classy to edgy, from making a statement to keeping it plain and simple. But thanks to the new Hugo Boss Autumn Winter 2018 collection you can have it all!

Green Life!

Leasons from nature!

Is crazy to think of amazing nature is. But have you ever thought of maybe the way nature functions can actually be inspiring when it comes to your personal life? We already know nature makes a big part of our lives when it comes to our survival and if we take a closer look at how nature functions, we can learn a lot of things most of us should consider incorporating into our personal lives.

SWJV Men Look #18

Holiday Staycation! 

The holiday season is upon us and knowing what to wear to each occasion is important. But also staying in style between holidays is as important as well. Here's a casual outfit look inspired by those holiday days off we are all always looking forward to enjoying.



When it comes to the month of November, a lot of things comes to mind. But there's no dough there's one thing we can not deny we are excited about, and that's for Thanksgiving dinner. Not only we are excited to be thankful for the things we have in life but also be thankful to have the ability to enjoy an extra special meal this year. 

Top 5: Instagrams Of The Month #18

October 2018

This month of October was full of trends, color and fashion statements. Trying to adjust to new chill and cold weather conditions, these fashinable instagramers sure know how to asjust their style to the season and showed us how to do it at its best. Here are our Top 5: Instagrams Of The Month.

SWJV Women Look #17

Military fall-inspired look!

A trend we don't often talk about but used very often, especially during the fall season is the military trend. By military trend, we mean outfit looks that are created using colors often used in the military such as black, deep green and sometimes even white. For this SWJV Women Look, we have been inspired by this trend and give it a modern chic twist.

Canali A/W 2018

Clean, sharp and luxurious!

The best part about the autumn/winter season is to get back into the layering trend. From sweaters to long coats, you can wear them all at the same time. Also, there's nothing we love more than a clean and sharp look. Here's Canali's Autumn/Winter 2018 Men collection. 

Design Shades: Pastel Pink

A color for everyone and any room!

The color pink is one of those colors that most people avoid because it usually symbolizes femininity. That's why the color pink is the perfect color if you're looking to stand out. Not only we think the color pink is the perfect color to brighten up any living space but is also calming and relaxing.

PJ's To Go!

Casual pajama outfit look!

Running late? No problem, just jump out of bed, fix your hair and you're ready to start off your day. Well, maybe not that simple, but it does work on some occasions. Continuing trying to step out of my comfort zone, not only was this outfit look fun to wear but also very very comfortable.

Denim 3.0

From winter, spring, to fall!

Denim is something I don't normally wear! I have nothing against it, but I guess is just one of those things that you just don't go for. But recently I have been playing around with my personal style and stepping outside my comfort zone, and wearing denim is just a step I needed to take! 

SWJV Men Look #17

Sweater season!

When it comes to Autumn fashion, there are a lot of different ways you can go with your personal style. But one item you can not miss in any of your looks is a sweater. Keep it classic and warm this autumn season with this autumn inpsired outfit look.