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Back To Black | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 3

There are normally four seasons of fashion week in New York City a year. Usually, for me, I like to start with the women's fashion week in February and end with women's fashion week in September. For this last outfit look editorial of New York Fashion Week, I took inspiration from the first outfit look editorial I did for the first season of New York Fashion Week early this year.

Ruby Fang S/S 2019 | NYFW

Luxuriously casual!

We love a collection that combines both daily style and luxurious vintage style all at once. In the latest Ruby Fang Spring/Summer 2019 collection, we can find luxurious vintage items that can be easily wearable to a gala event or simply just for a day in town.

Megan Cannings S/S 2019 | NYFW

Big puffy gowns!

There's nothing more glamorous and luxurious than a gown. And in the latest Megan Cannings Spring/Summer 2019 collection, not only gave us vintage gowns but also gave us that big puffiness we all love in a gown. 

Metriculously S/S 2019 | NYFW

Playful and fun!

Not every season you find a collection that just wanna make you jump out of your seat and do flips on the runway. Unfurtonantly that didn't happen, but it did cross our minds while watching the latest Metriculously Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

In Line | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 2

My second day of fashion week started very early and probably my busiest day of the season. Having a show every hour was definitely a challenge but thanks to my JV Crew, we were able to make it on time for most of the shows.

Viktória Tisza S/S 2019 | NYFW

The swimwear of the future!

Next time you're planning in updating your summer style, we suggest to also start reconsidering updating your swimwear along the way. Forget about the old boring swimwear we all know about and update it with the latest Viktória Tisza Spring/Summer 2019 collection. 

Caroline Smouse S/S 2019 | NYFW

Sexy in crochet!

There are a lot of ways to feel comfortable and sexy, but let Caroline Smouse give you an update with her latest Spring/Summer 2019 collection. It will make you can feel comfortable, cozy, sexy and even flexible!

GEOJ Official S/S 2019 | NYFW

Vintage leather, print, and fur!

Not every day you find a collection that has looks with leather, print, and fur all at once. Most importantly, a collection that can be wearable all year round. Here's the latest GEOJ Official Spring/Summer 2019 collection. 

Last Summer Vibes | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 1

For this season of New York Fashion Week, I decided to make the most out of my summer style by wearing the last couple of new clothing items from my closet. Even though the weather wasn't the most summery, I got the chance to rock one of my favorites shirts of the season. 

Dr.Zawck S/S 2019 | NYFW

Colorful flow!

One of the main reasons we love seeing dresses down the runway is because we enjoy that flowing movement each dress makes. In the latest Dr.Zawck Spring/Summer 2019 collection not only we got to live for that moment, but it also brightened up our day with beautiful pastel colors. 

Jessture S/S 2019 | NYFW

New office look! 

Let's all be honest, the normal office look is originally plain and boring. But in the latest Jessture Spring/Summer 2019 collection, the boring office look we all know of is getting an update and we are currently obsessed with it. 

Why Mary S/S 2019 | NYFW

Sport elegance!

Normally when we use the word "sport", generally we mean to describe how comfortable something is. And in this case, not only the latest Why Marry Spring/Summer 2019 collection giving us comfortability but also a giving us a touch elegance in each and every item.

SWJV Men Look #16

The light jacket season! 

Even though the fall season hasn't started officially yet, we can tell is slowly making its way through by temperatures dropping lower and lower. Dressing for this kind of weather can be a bit annoying since one day can be hot and the next one cold. Here's an inspiring outfit look that will keep you prepared in this season transition.

This Is The End!

The Surf Lodge

For my last weekend getaway of the summer, I decided to head out east to the end of Long Island, or how most people know it as, Montauk, NY. Enjoying the last couple of warm days at one of my summer favorite destinations, The Surf Lodge. 

Off Sea

Friends, boats and the ocean!

When it comes to The Hamptons, there are a lot of things I like to do. Like getting to eat at some of my favorite restaurants like Nick & Toni's, getting to enjoy some of the best outdoor parties like the ones The Surf Lodge throws. But most importantly I like to relax and enjoy being near the ocean or near the water.

Short Do!

New look same style

Very often I like to change up my personal style and overall look. Usually, these changes happen at the beginning of a new season, but this time, I couldn't wait for it. Went from having long hair to short hair, to even rocking the mustache. Here's my new recent overall look from my recent trip to the Hamptons. NY.  



Septemeber is finally here, and we all know what the month of September means to the fashion world, is the beginning of a new fashion year cycle. And like always, starting off the season with some of the most fashionable events in the world, fashion week. 

August 2018 Favorites

August 2018

I know each individual month is going faster and faster, but this month of August just flew like a heart bit. Though time is rolling like crazy, is never too late to create new ways to keep yourself organized and thanks to these couple of items, they have made my traveling a lot easier. Here are some of my most useful items through the month of August. 

Top 5: Instagrams Of The Month #16

August 2018

August is known for being the hottest month of the year, at least out here in the east coat. Like we have mentioned in previous posts, getting dress during high temperatures can be a bit of a challenge. But thanks to these Instagrammers, creating fresh outfit looks have become much easier. Here are our top five Instagrammers we have been obsessed with during this month of August.

SuperDuper Hats S/S 2018

Hats for any style!

No matter the season, hats never go out of style. Whether your style is chic and urban or sophisticated and modern, you can always find a hat that's just right for you in the latest SuperDuper Hats Spring and Summer 2018 Collection.