New classic edginess 

Fashion changes day to day, but in the last couple of years, I have noticed a change in a very specific style category. Modernizing what I called a classic look used to be a bit hard, but thanks to latest trends, the classic look has gotten an edgy touch. 

Chinatown | NYC

Discovering different worlds within NYC!

One day while watching the beautiful skyline of New York City from one of my favorites rooftops of all time, it came to my mind in how New York City is like a mini version of the whole world. There's so much variety in this city that even by going to certain areas of it, it can feel like you just traveled to a different world. My first stop, exploring the neighborhood of Chinatown. 



Let's start off by saying that this year is flying by really quickly but we are happy summer season is finally here. As we start the beginning of a new month, we also start the beginning of a new season. As the new season starts, so is the seasonal activities and here are a couple of them we are exticed for. 

APNEE Swimwear S/S 2018

"A modern approach to men's swimwear"

There are a lot of things I love about working in the fashion industry and one of them is to discover fresh and luxurious collections. Like APNEE Swimwear,  a recent brand focus in bringing a modern new approach to men's swimwear with unique and chic prints perfect for different occasions. 

Silky Summer

Cuban collar shirts for the summer.

Before this year started, I took a moment to think about what my personal style would be for each season of the new year. And for this summer season, I decided that I want to wear more of this silky & fun printed Cuban collar shirts. 

One More Time!

Celebrating another year of Javiortiz.com!

Is crazy to think that something that was create out of curiosity could turned into a hobby and in a very short amount of time turned into business. Today, besides celebrating my own birthday, I'm happy to celebrate one of my best creations, Javiortiz.com.

Espresso Stop

Coffee or tea?

One thing I have noticed about myself in the last couple of years of my life, is my energy capacity. I personally consider myself to be a very energetic person on the daily basis but once in a while a burst is well needed. 

High Up!

Philadelphia's sunset views

Being in a city where live goes below and above ground level day by day is inspiring and extraordinary. Specially if you put yourself in places you never thought you could be at. In this case, on top of the skies of the city of Philadelphia. 

Let's Go To Philly!

Starting Spring/Summer vibes 

There are many things people do when they're bored and for me, I like to pack my bags and go somewhere I have never been before. This time, I decided take another weekend getaway and explore the city of Philadelphia, PA. 

Top 5 : Instagrams Of The Month #14

March 2018

A little over two years ago, we started a segment dedicated to feature our favorite instagramers who filled our instagram's feeds with inspiration and creativity. According to research, normally takes about a month for you to actually consider something a habit or obsession. That's why we're changing our Top 5: Instagrams of the week segment to our Top 5: Instagrams of the month.

Neon Stairs

Instagram's famous stairs!

When the Public Hotel officially opened mid last year, it became one of the most popular hotels in the East Village, NY. Besides the actually hotel becoming famously popular, one of their most amazing architecture designs has been taking over by storm on instagram in the last couple months. Here are Instagram's famous stairs, The Neon Stairs. 

Design Shades : Beige

Bright, warm & welcoming!

Warm colors are normally perfect for a more relaxing and cozy environment. Bright colors are normally better to make you feel energized & awaken. But did you know you can get both effects by using one simple color. Here's how you can add a touch of beige into your living space. 

Boston, MA

First time in Boston!

For a couple of years now, I have focused in traveling within the U.S. Though is just one country, I believe there's a lot to explore, learn and do. I have traveled from coast to coast and I have never thought of seeing so many differences from city to city. There are a lot of other cities I have yet to explore but this time, it was time to explore the city of Boston, Massachusetts. 


Spring Casual!

Spring is just around the corner and we can't wait to try out some spring fashion trends already. For this Shop With JV Men Edited Outfit Look, we decided to start off our spring season looks by taking inspiration from JV's daily casual look as mentioned on one of his latest New York Fashion Week Outfit Look Editorial (Read more about it here). 

Flatiron Building, NY | NYFW

Last day of NYFW!

You know what they say, everything that is fun must come to an end. Right when I was starting to have more fun challenging my personal style, it was time to say good bye to this season of New York Fashion week. Here's what I wore on my last day of this inspirational and crazy week! 

Yajun A/W 2018 | NYFW

Edgy punk! 

There's nothing more fun and exciting than seeing a collection full of your favorite colors. That's exactly what we got from Yajun's latest autumn/winter 2018 collection. From the color black, white, grey to even blue, Yajun's show us a new and different way to edgy up our style. 

Skylight Clarkson Sq | NYFW

Sporty it up!

Usually during fashion week, a lot of people like to keep their outfits in a more consistent style. But for myself, fashion week is a great time to challenge my own personal style and try something new. Here's what I wore for my third day of New York Fashion Week!

Mouton Blanc A/W 2018 | NYFW

Vintage Edginess! 

There's nothing we love more than to stand out and being unique. And that's exactly what we got from each piece from Mouton Blanc's latest autumn/winter 2018 collection. Take your style to the next level and give it that bohemian and edginess look we all love. 

Port Zienna A/W 2018 | NYFW

Black & white silk!

This season Port Zinenna latest Autumn/Winter 2018 collection taught us how we can look chic in silk. Getting movement and freshness from each piece of this collection, this collection will make your autumn/winter season a luxurious and comfortable one. 

Daily Run | NYFW

Business or casual? 

One of the things I have noticed about my style in the last couple of years, is that I like to dress it up but not suit up. I like to look presentable but yet, I like to feel comfortable and without worrying about ironing a shirt early in the morning! 

Romeo Hunte A/W 2018 | NYFW

Chic, sporty and luxurious!

We would like to start off by saying that we are amazing shocked at Romeo Hunte's new Autumn/Winter 2018 collection because we can't believe it was possible look chic, sporty and luxurious all at once! 

First Of First | NYFW

First day of the first season of NYFW!

The first season of New York Fashion Week of the year is finally here! This year seems like is gonna fly really fast but let's not get too ahead of ourselves yet. Wearing head-to-hoe Michael Kors, my first day of fashion week was early, busy but fun, exciting and inspiring.

Custo Barcelona A/W 2018 | NYFW

Colorful & glamorous all year round! 

We're getting a feeling next autumn/winter season will be full of color and sparkles thanks to the latest Custo Barcelona A/W 2018 collection. So be ready to make a memorable fashion statement and to rock the house down in each and every item from this collection. 

Dan Liu A/W 2018 | NYFW

Elegant & professional!

Looking for a new wardrobe for work? Then you need to get yourself a couple of items from the latest Dan Liu Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. Each item will make you look elegant & professional but yet chic and fabulous.

Blank Canvas

"Because life is like a Blank Canvas"

On a very special day back in mid 2012, a 17 years old boy was feeling a bit upset and also feeling confused about his future plans after high school. Out of no where, he decided to open up his laptop and discovered an amazing site called Blogger. Not being sure about what a blog was, or what it could be used for, the idea of having a website just felt cool.