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The Reputation


Everyone is always known for something, whether is good or bad. No matter the reputation you may have, I am a big believer that not everyone should be defined by their reputation or past. But what if the reputation you have is exactly what you've been wanting?


Unexpected visit to San Juan, Puerto Rico

I'm a big believer that things happen for a reason, no matter the situation, there's always something to learn and to take away from it. And on my recent birthday vacation, a simple mistake led to an unexpected visit to Puerto Rico. 

Design Shades : Navy Blue

Modern and sophisticated

Compare to the color light blue that brings a freshness feel to every room, the color navy blue brings a more cozy and warm feel. Here are a couple of ways you can incorporate this color into every room in your house and office. 

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination

The Costume Institute's spring 2018 exhibition

Each year, the Costume Institute's creates an exhibition with a theme and interpret it through the art of fashion. This year, the exhibition is focused on showcasing the attribution of fashion in the history of Catholicism. 

Charlotte Amalie | St.Thomas

Private planes and relaxing dinners

Not sure what other people do when it comes to vacation, but for myself, vacation means adventure. I like to explore, get to know and do as many things as possible. After exploring the amazing island of St.Croix, it was time to explore the island of St.Thomas.

Christiansted | St.Croix

Exploring the beautiful city of Christiansted

Starting my birthday vacation on the beautiful island of St.Croix has been one of the best opportunities and experiences I have gotten. Learning from locals and having dinner with chickens were just a couple of the highlights of this amazing adventure.  

U.S Virgin Islands

Birthday Vacation

After turning twenty years old, I started taking my birthday a little more serious and decided to celebrate it every year. What a better way to celebrate than by traveling somewhere new. For my twenty-first, I visited Las Vegas, for my twenty-second, I visited the state of California and this year, I visited the U.S Virgin Islands.

Nine In The Morning S/S 2018

Modern, Urban and Chic 

Usually, when it comes to urban style, prints and bright colors are very common. But for this season, Nine In The Morning created an amazing collection with a modern and chic twist to the common urban style. 


Summer In The Hamptons

When it comes to The Hamptons, style is a big thing. Even though sometimes dressing up during the summer season can be a little annoying because of the heat, you can't go wrong by pulling off this luxurious summer outfit look. 



August is officially here, and for us, the month of August means is time to head to The Hamptons. But before we head out the door or even start packing, let's all get inspired by this luxurious summer season location. 

July 2018 Favorites

July 2018

A lot of things have changed in the last couple of months and after accidentally deleting a couple of month favorite posts, I decided to bring this segment back. Starting mid-year, here are a couple of items I have been crazy about this past month.

Top 5 : Instagrams Of The Month #15

July 2018

We made it through another month and even though it feels like every month is going faster and faster, we are excited to be here again sharing our Top 5 : Instagrams Of The Month. July was a kick starter of summer style inspiration and these instagramers were on top of our instagram feeds.

Blue Vibes

Calming and relaxing but also cold and careless!

While looking through my closet, I realized I have a lot of clothes with the color blue. And even while trying to avoid it as much as I can and give other colors a try, I can't help myself from choosing it from time to time. What exactly does the color blue means and what does it has to say about myself and my style?

Dark Shadows

How bad and good are you?

Something I like to do every each season is to try to update and change my personal style. In the last couple of years, I've been trying to brighten up my style with colors, prints and etc for the summer season. But this season I decided to just go with the flow and also realized even the brighter seasons have its shadow days. 


Summer Chic

Is summer season and looking chic compare to a hot mess during the warm temperatures can be sometimes hard to achive. But don't worry, here's an easy summer look you can pull off to help you look and feel fresh all summer long. 

Little Italy | NYC

From NYC to China and now Italy!

I like mentioned in my previous post - Chinatown | NYC - New York City is like a mini version of the whole world. After discovering the neighborhood of Chinatown, it was time to go down the block and discover the neighboorhood of Little Italy. 

Sport It Out

Active Summer 

About two years ago, I realized how important it is to be active and stay active. I would say I'm not the most sporty guy you will ever meet, but I do enjoy activities like hiking, swimming and biking. Here are some ways I like to stay active during the summer season.


New classic edginess 

Fashion changes day to day, but in the last couple of years, I have noticed a change in a very specific style category. Modernizing what I called a classic look used to be a bit hard, but thanks to latest trends, the classic look has gotten an edgy touch. 

Chinatown | NYC

Discovering different worlds within NYC!

One day while watching the beautiful skyline of New York City from one of my favorites rooftops of all time, it came to my mind in how New York City is like a mini version of the whole world. There's so much variety in this city that even by going to certain areas of it, it can feel like you just traveled to a different world. My first stop, exploring the neighborhood of Chinatown. 



Let's start off by saying that this year is flying by really quickly but we are happy summer season is finally here. As we start the beginning of a new month, we also start the beginning of a new season. As the new season starts, so is the seasonal activities and here are a couple of them we are exticed for.