Let's go on vacation!

Summer is finally here and for most of us summer season means vacation season. So pack your bags and get your camera ready to explore the word. Here's an outfit look inspired by a warm nice day in paradise!

Morning Express!

Woke up late? Use this simple style rule!

Let's all be honest, everyone loves sleep! Some more than others, some are lucky enough to sleep whatever they want and some have schedules to follow. Today I'm sharing an easy outfit look to conquer on those days your bed feels so good you just can't get up till is time to run because now you're late!

Design Shades : White

The power of white! 

Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that inspired us the most. Here at Javiortiz.com we love changes, and sometimes changes can be a lot of work and pricy but is always great to start off with a plain canvas. 

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Childhood dreams do come true! 

When I first visit New York City as a child, one of the first things I was really excited to see was the Brooklyn Bridge. As a child I was really into architecture and bridges were my obsession, though they still are my obsession even with a different career path, I'm happy to make some of my childhood dreams come true day by day. 


Airport Ready!

When it comes to traveling, staying fashionable and comfortable is important because you want to feel your best while making memorable memories wherever the world may take you. But don't forget, it all begins at your first destination, the airport!

Work On The Go

Get work done even on the go!

One of the best parts about my job is working on the go. Even though is convenience, it can be tough sometimes because of schedule or because of life in general. But today I'm sharing a couple of tips to help you get all your work done more affectedly and on time. 



Spring is officially here and when we think of spring, we think of many things like spring showers, flowers, and most importantly spring cleaning. We like to compare spring season to new years, because is a great time to make changes and a great time for a fresh start. 

April 2017 Favorites

April 2017 

This past April not only went by super fast, it was also a busy month. Busy enough for me to fall in love with a couple of new items, some much in love that I even brought back an item from my childhood. Here are my new April 2017 favorites!

Brooklyn The New Manhattan

Embracing views and style!

I remember one night I was watching Sex In The City, and in the episode Miranda was looking for a new apartment to move into, and she found an apartment in Brooklyn. At first she was skeptical about Brooklyn, but she end up love it and calling it the new Manhattan and I couldn't agree more!

Design Shades : Yellow

Morning Sunshine!

There's nothing like waking up to a bright morning sunshine, and sometimes that bright morning sunshine can be coming from the same room you're waking up in. Today, we're teaching you how to add a touch of yellow to your living space, to make every room in your house like a fresh new day every time you walk into it. 

Miami : Photo-Diary

First time in Miami! 

My best friend and I were talking about taking a small vacation during our spring break this year, and when it came time to decided where to go, the first place that came in my mind was Miami. Not only because we haven't been there before, but also because we needed a warmer place to escape to from New York's freezing weather.

Seeking Warmer Days

Resisting refreshing beaches and pools! 

While weather temperatures are below freezing and there's snow outside your window, there's nothing else to think of, then to go somewhere nice and warm for a couple of days. And that's exactly what I end up doing, and this time, I headed to Miami! 

CitiBiking In Miami Beach

Bike riding the streets of Miami Beach! 

One of the first things I wanted to do once I landed in Miami, was to go bike riding and what a better place to do it, then in Miami Beach. From the beautiful blue beach water to the beautiful colorful streets, bike riding through Miami Beach was like riding through a dream come. 


Rainy streets! 

Spring has arrived, and unfortunately so did spring showers. Don't let rain slack you from looking fashionable and chic. When it comes to a wild busy day, choosing an outfit look can be challenging sometimes, specially if your wild busy day happens to be a rainy day.

Blue Green Floral

Nature beauty in Miami Beach! 

When I first got to Miami Beach, of the first things I noticed, were the amazing green landscape around the neighborhood. Thanks to beautiful green pants and trees all over, it made me excited for a new outfit look editorial inspired by the green landscape of Miami Beach.

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park , NY

Sunsets in Roosevelt Island, NY!

Like I mention in my previous outfit look editorial - Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island has become of my favorite destinations in New York City. From the nice people, historical history and relaxing walks by the water over seeing the amazing New York City skyline, this island has all the ingredients of a perfect relaxing day!  



April is here, and so are spring showers! The begging of spring, is usually really nasty in the fact that the days are mostly cloudy and foggy, and not to forget, full of rain. But instead of feeling under the weather, how about we stand under an umbrella and go out for an adventure. 

March 2017 Favorites

March 2017 

March has come to an end, and for some reason, I feel like the month of March went by way too fast. Here are a couple of items I purchased during the month of March and have been in love with to the point I have been wearing them none stop ever since. 


Spring colors & Spring Showers ! 

Spring season is about to begin, and usually when it comes to spring, rainy days are very common. Spring is full of colors and can get a bit humid and cold at the same time, making it hard sometimes to pick an outfit. Here's an outfit inspired by those beautiful colors of spring and spring showers!

Top 5: Instagrams Of The Week #11

November 3, 2016 - March 16, 2017

Last year, we discovered new Instagram faces that filled our feeds with fashion, style and life inspiration, and we're bringing it back again this year! Catching up with our Top 5: Instagrams of the week, here are five Instagramers that have been filling our Instagram feeds since last year till today!

Roosevelt Island, NY

The Island Underneath The Bridge!

For many years, every time I crossed the Queens Bridge heading to Manhattan, I always wondered about that small island underneath the bridge. Till last summer, I made the decision to finally explore the mystery, and discover one of my current favorite destinations in New York City. 

Design Shades : Light Blue

Freshness from room to room!

When it comes to adding a fresh feeling to the entire house, you can't never go wrong by adding a light color, like a light blue. Light blue not only adds that freshness feeling to your house, but also a more brighten and open space feeling to it. Here are a couple of ways you can add a bright color like a light blue into your living space.  



Is winter season, and for us here in New York means, freezing season. Even though spring is just around the corner, we are still struggling with some very low temperatures. And when it comes to low temperatures, we usually expend most of our time indoors, but sometimes staying too much indoors can get boring. Here are a couple of things you can do to enjoy staying home a bit more during this winter season.

February 2017 Favorites

February 2017 

February has been a crazy month, from a new season of New York Fashion Week, to surviving winter weather. Thanks to these products, they have been keeping me in style, keeping my skin nice and moist and even smelling good. Here are my February favorites!

Bright RED | NYFW

Color trend for winter!

This season of New York Fashion Week, I noticed many color trends for the next autumn and winter season. Since we are still technically in winter, I decided to create my own look inspired by this trend before the end of fashion week, here's my last New York Fashion Week outfit look editorial.