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March 30, 2020

Month Favorites #3

January, February & March 2020!

We can all agree 2020 has been a really crazy year so far. But within the last three months, it has also brought time to try out a lot of new items in which I have falling in love with. Here are my top five favorite items for the last three months. 

March 27, 2020

Men's Camera Ready Makeup

My camera ready makeup routine. 

Natural beauty is always the way to go, but when it comes to being in front of the camera for a video or photoshoot it can make you a bit self-conscious. Today I'm going over how I do my camera ready makeup. Even completion from every angle!

March 23, 2020

A Drink & More! #3

The perfect match game!

What a better way to pass the time than by testing out how much my BFF and I know about each other. Watch us play the perfect match game as we find out who know wins. Here's a new episode of A Drink & More!

February 21, 2020

Fashion Court #4

92nd Academy Awards 2020

Hello everyone, we are back with another episode of Fashion Court. We apologize for the late upload,  the 92nd Academy Awards happened about a month ago but we hope you still enjoy our red carpet critiques. 

February 13, 2020

Seven Crash A/W 2020 | NYFW

Colorful, warm and fun!

What a better to end this season of New York Fashion Week than with the one and only, Seven Crash. Just like in the name, Seven Crash crashed their amazing autumn and winter 2020 runway show with colorful, warm and fun outfit looks. Check out the entire collection here!

February 12, 2020

Ruth Zabetta A/W 2020 | NYFW

Paradise style!

Not very often we see a collection that would make us wish we were on a luxurious vacation. Ruth Zabetta gave us a breathtaking show with her latest 2020 autumn and winter collection.  Check out the entire collection here!

Yufash A/W 2020 | NYFW


Each collection being showcased is unique and inspiring. The latest Yufash autumn and winter 2020 collection was no exception. Not only made us fall in love with each and every item from the collection but it also made us excited about what it could bring us next season. 

Sania Maskatiya A/W 2020 | NYFW

50 shades of white!

We have said once and we say it again, there's nothing wrong with wearing white any day of the year. That's why we are in love with the latest Sania Maskatiya autumn and winter 2020 collection. Soft, silky but yet a great way to make a statement regarding the season. Check out the entire collection here!

February 11, 2020

Spontaneously | NYFW

Yes, Maybe, No? 

New York Fashion Week is here once again and as excited as I might be to be covering some of the most anticipated shows of the season, there was a slight chance for it to not happen at all. Forget about weeks of planning, this season we went spontaneously. 

February 10, 2020

Hakan Akkaya A/W 2020 | NYFW

Edgy realness!

Each fashion week season, we look forward to the Hakan Akkaya show. Not only is it wildly amazing, but it is also sexy and edgy. For this fashion week season, Hakan Akkaya did not disappoint us once again with his latest autumn and winter 2020 collection. See it all here!

Christy + You A/F 2020 | NYFW

Shapes, colors, it has it all!

Shapes, colors and prints, the latest Christy + You autumn and winter 2020 collection has it all. Forget about the boring office blazer, Christy + You showed us a new fun and eye-catching way to not only spice up our style but also spice up the workplace. 

MVR A/W 2020 | NYFW

Sexy and sophisticated!

Beauty comes in all forms and shapes. The latest MVR autumn and winter 2020 collection, not only showed us how to be sexy but still making us feeling sophisticated and empowered. Check out the entire collection right here!

Nadine By Nadia A/W 2020 | NYFW

Classic & ellegant accessories!

We said once and we say again, accessories can make or break any look. But thanks to the latest Nadine By Nadia autumn and winter 2020 jewelry collection, you can make sure all your looks will grab anyone's attention. 

February 9, 2020

Poli & Jo A/W 2020 | NYFW

Chic urban bags!

When it comes to an outfit look, accessories can make or break an entire look. But thanks to the latest Poli & Jo autumn and winter collection 2020, you can make sure your outfits will look chic at all times. Check out their latest bag collection here! 

Rene' Tyler A/W 2020 | NYFW

Forget standards!

It is no strange for runway shows to have crazy standards from models to attendees, but thanks to Rene' Tyler, there are no standards or regulations to follow because is made for everyone. Check out the latest Rene' Tyler autumn and winter collection 2020 here! 

Mayan The Label A/W 2020 | NYFW

Chic flow!

One of our all-time favorite items for autumn and winter is a long coat. The latest Mayan The Label autumn and winter 2020 collection not only gave us a new take of the famous long coat but also gave us a flowy statement in each and every look.

Samantha Darryanto A/W 2020 | NYFW

Soft & silky

Modernizing traditional clothing from China and Indonesia, the lastest Samantha Darryanto Autumn and Winter 2020 collection showed us a soft, silky and sexy side we have no seen before. Check out the entire collection here!

February 8, 2020

Matt Sarafa A/W 2020 | NYFW

Sexy, edgy and controversial!

Let's be honest, who doesn't like to feel bad a*s once in a while. That's exactly what the latest Matt Sarafa Autumn and Winter 2020 collection gave us with each and every look down the runway. Check out the entire collection here!

Manishii A/W 2020 | NYFW

A powerful statement!

Nothing makes a statement more than a powerful woman. The latest Manishii Autumn and Winter 2020 collection gave us outfit looks that not only embrace women elegance but also embraces their unique self-power. Check out the entire collection here!

Na Yeong Beak A/W 2020 | NYFW

From Myanmar to the New York City

The latest Na Yeong Beak Autumn/Winter 2020 collection was inspired by the Myanmar culture. Brining us neutral colors from beige to black, this is the perfect collection for the modern and sophisticated city woman. Check out the entire collection here!

IISE A/W 2020 | NYFW

Classic with an edge!

"Is all in the details", that is one of the phrases we like to use to describe the latest IISE Autumn and Winter 2020 collection. Giving us an edgy touch to a sophisticated and classic style. Check out the entire collection straight from the runway here!

LIE A/W 2020 | NYFW

A bright winter!

For our first show of this season of New York Fashion Week, we were captivated by the amazing LIE Autumn & Winter 2020 collection. From colors, shapes, and prints, this collection has it all. Check out the entire collection right here!

February 7, 2020

Oqliq A/W 2020 | NYFW

Ready to take in any weather!

It is very rare to see a collection that was designed with everyday circumstances in mind. Like the latest Oqliq Autumn & Winter 2020 collection, which featured looks everyone can rock, rain or shine. Check out the entire collection here!

January 27, 2020

Fashion Court #3

62nd Annual Grammy Awards

We are back, and this time we are judging the outfit looks from the red carpet of the latest Grammy Awards. From Billie Eilish to Ariana Grande, we have them all cover. Who was our best, who was our worst? Watch our new episode right here!

January 24, 2020

10 Questions About Me

Get to know ten more things about me!

I have asked a few of my friends to ask me any questions about anything they would like to know more about myself. They were a lot of questions asked but I was able to only answer ten of them. Here are 10 things about me, and as an extra addition, I answered five more right on this post!