July, August & September 2017 Favorites

July, August & September 2017 

There's no secret, a lot has change since I last did my favorites of the month. Not only has there been a lot changes in my personal life, but also in my style, diet, and daily routine. But before I get ahead of myself, here are my most used and current favorite items from July to September.  

Inspiration Wall #22


Is crazy to think a whole year is almost gone by! Though we are going to miss summer season, we are exciting for fall. Nature show us a different side of her beauty in each season, each one being so different and unique. And this fall season, nature is coloring our lives with her unique colored leaves.

Top 5: Instagrams Of The Week #13

June 9th, 2017 - September 21st, 2017

Though it has a while since we last picked our Top 5: Instagrams Of The Week, we are excited to start off again with this fabulous segment. This past summer season was a mixture of a lot of color trends, from darks to light and bright colors. These instagramers filled our instagram feeds with inspiration and style.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

End of summer 2018!

Every year, I like to start off my summer season by visiting one of my all time favorite locations, The Fire Island Lighthouse, in Fire Island. To end the summer season this year, I got the chance to visit The Montauk Point Lighthouse, located at the very end point of Long Island, NY!

Montauk, NY

Visiting Montauk, NY!

The Hamptons is amazing, but you can't be visiting the end of Long Island without making a stop in Montauk. Montauk, NY is technically the last town located at the south end of Long Island, not only is a historical location, but also a great location to relax, enjoy great food, and getting a good tan by the beach. 

Design Shades : Green

Indoor nature!

When we think of the color green the first thing we think of is nature! Being within nature can be inspiring, motivational and refreshing. But you know you can make your home feel the same way? Here's a couple of ways you can make your home feel like being in nature without actually being outdoors!

NYFW S/S 2018: Day 4

Last Day of #NYFW season of the year!

Normally for my last day of New York Fashion Week I like to end it as strong as how I started it. Since this season, my first outfit look was an old school inspired. I decided to take inspiration from it and came up with this classic and sophisticated look. Feeling Caribbean vibes, here's my last day of New York Fashion Week! 

NYFW S/S 2018: Day 3

Edgy vibes and extra early morning! 

For my third day of New York Fashion Week, I decided to edgy it up! When it comes to any fashion week season, the exciting is higher and higher day by day. But sometime too much exciting can take a lot of energy out of you, but keeping yourself motivated and comfortable, you can make it thought anything. Here's what I wore on my third day of New York Fashion Week!

NYFW S/S 2018: Day 2

Classic and formal with a twist! 

Usually by the second day of New York Fashion Week, things are a bit more crazy, specially when last minute things happen and things start to not to work as plan. But luckily there's always a back up and things were back on schedule. Here's what I wore for my second day of New York Fashion Week.

NYFW S/S 2018: Day 1

Keeping it old school!

The first day of New York Fashion Week is really exciting! You're motivated to face busy, long but fun and inspiring couple of days. For every fashion week season my goal is to be prepared ahead of time and get ready to kick it better and better each season. A lot more shows this season, a lot more meetings and photoshoots, here's my first day NYFW! 

Leanne Marshall S/S 2018 | NYFW

Color in the air! 

If you're looking to brighten up your summer season in the new coming year, we recommend getting the entire Leanne Marshall spring/summer 2018 collection. This season, she gave us color, architectural and most importantly, she gave us movement in each and every piece. This collection is making us want the new summer season to start already!

Francesca Liberatore S/S 2018 | NYFW

Soft summer pastel prints!

One of the best things about walking into a runway show, is not knowing what to expect from the collection. In the last couple of seasons, we have felt in love with Francesca Liberatore collection's because she has been bringing us soft pastel colors to the runway, but this season, she's surprising us with something extra. From new fabric prints to new colors and even new structures! 

Vaishali-S S/S 2018 | NYFW

Sophisticated cocktail party! 

When Vaishali's runway show started, at first we though this season's collection was going to be focused on night time dresses, but we were surprised to see each dress bringing us day time cocktail party vibes down the runway. 

Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Wine tasting in the Hamptons!

Eastern Long Island is knowing for many things, from its famous towns and beaches to even wine tasting. I'm not a big drinker, but ever since turning twenty-one, I always wanted to go to one, and today I'm sharing with you one of my favorite ones.

Parrish Art Museum

Local inspiration and motivation!

There are many things I enjoy in life, and some of them are traveling, playing with new fashion trends and most importantly getting inspired! Inspiration comes in many ways and forms, and here's one of them! 

Southampton, NY

Back In the Hamptons, NY! 

When it comes to summer season, many people like to go on vacation to different countries or somewhere far to locations where usually is warmer year around. For me, I like to go on vacation to those places where is only warmer during the summer time and one of them includes the Hamptons! 

Cooler Sun!

Summer season or sweater season?

Let's all be honest, this summer season haven't be the hottest summer ever. In previous summers, around this time of the year, the sun is usually hotter and brighter than ever. But unfortunately lately I've been using sweaters a lot more than I anticipated!



Summer is almost over and that means we have to make the best out of it! What a better way to enjoy the last couple of weeks of warm weather then by going camping! We know nature can be a bit scary for some people, but believe us, everyone must go camping once in their life time and here's why. 

Feeling Pink

Sometimes all you need, is a little color in your life! 

Before any summer season starts, I usually like think about what new trends I would to use and what changes I would like to make with my style. This past spring season, I was really into floral prints and bright colors. For this summer season, I want to challenge myself to wear more brighter and soft colors, like pink! 

Design Shades : Red

Make any room a statement piece with RED!

When it comes in picking a color for any room in your house, most people stick with neutral colors like brown, beige and grays. Our main goal of this segment is to inspired everyone to try out not only neutral colors, but also all the other colors you can possibly add to any room. And today we are inspiring everyone to try out the color red! 


Hamptons inspired look! 

When it comes to summer season here in New York, there's a place we all like to escape to for a weekend getaway. That place is called the Hamptons! Since we will be heading out there really soon, we got inspired to create this Hamptons look perfect for a sunny day out in the village.

NYFWM S/S 2018: Day 3

New York Fashion Week Men's : Day 3

For my last outfit look for this season of New York Fashion Week Men's, I decided to go for a summer classic look I've been wanting to pull off for some time now. Though when it comes to summer season I like to wear fun and bright colors, I dished those thoughts for the day and wore head-to-toe black. 

NYFWM S/S 2018: Day 2

New York Fashion Week Men's : Day 2

For today's New York Men's Fashion Week Outfit Look, I decided to bring some Hamptons Vibes into New York City! Compare to yesterday's outfit look, this time I decided go more sophisticated and a bit more beach formal.

NYFWM S/S 2018: Day 1

New York Fashion Week Men's : Day 1

Here we are on that time of the year again, another season of New York Fashion Week Men's. This year, I decided to start off this season of New York Fashion Week Men's in a way I haven't done before, and that's by bringing you my New York Fashion Week Men's Outfit Looks to you on the same day!

Central Park, NY

Beautiful sunny day in Central Park, NY! 

A few years back, I remember the first time I stepped into Central Park in New York City. My first thought of it was, "Damn, this park is huge" and I wasn't wrong about that. This park is so huge, it has made history my itself and in my life.