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Denim 3.0

From winter, spring, to fall!

Denim is something I don't normally wear! I have nothing against it, but I guess is just one of those things that you just don't go for. But recently I have been playing around with my personal style and stepping outside my comfort zone, and wearing denim is just a step I needed to take! 

SWJV Men Look #17

Sweater season!

When it comes to Autumn fashion, there are a lot of different ways you can go with your personal style. But one item you can not miss in any of your looks is a sweater. Keep it classic and warm this autumn season with this autumn inpsired outfit look.

New Zone

Stepping outside the comfort zone!

There are a lot of reasons why I love fashion and one of them has to do with the fact that it allows me to step outside my comfort zone. Since this year my life has been all about changes, I have decided to step outside my comfort zone and play around with my personal style.



October has officially started, not only a new month has started, but also a new season. During this month, temperatures, trees and pants, and mostly everything surrounding us starts to change and so does everyone's style. Keep up with the change and get inspired by this month's Inspiration Wall.

Top 5: Instagrams Of The Month #17

September 2018

Like we mentioned on our last - Inspiration Wall #27 - September is the beginning of a new fashion year cycle and the beginning of a new season known as Autumn. Transitioning from one season to another can be challenging because of weather temperatures, but thanks to these Instagrammers, this seasonal transition has become easier.

In Business

A few announcements!

When I graduated from high school before heading to college to pursue an accountant career path, I only knew one thing, I didn't know what the heck I was doing. But like I usually say, things happen for a reason and without me heading to college, I wouldn't have found my passion. 

SWJV Women Look #16

Autumn Chic

Autumn season is officially here and temperatures are lowing really quickly. Don't sacrifice your style, look chic and ready for the season with this autumn-inspired outfit look. Perfect for a day at the office or a casual day in town. 

Summer 2018 Recap

U.S.V.I, Puerto Rico, Fire Island and more! 

Summer has come to an end, but the memories will last forever. Compare to last year's summer season, this past season can't compare nothing to it. Being considered the best summer season I have ever had, here are a couple of highlights of my summer 2019. 

Alanui A/W 2018

Fedora hats and cheetah print for autumn!

Who says cheetah print was out of season? Not anymore! Thanks to the latest Alanui Autumn/Winter  2018 collection, show us a new intake in style with cheetah prints and fedora hats. Perfect for this upcoming Autumn/Winter season. 

Moving On!

Relationships and the past!

Is crazy to think of how fast a year can go by. Around exactly a year ago, I found myself stuck in what I like to call the darkest days of my life. From being emotionally unstable to even being financially ruined. It took a lot of self-talk and self-confidence to stand up for myself and move on.

Dakun x Liu Yong S/S 2019 | NYFW

A chic collection for everyone!

Staying comfortable while keeping your style fashionable can sometimes be a bit hard to achieve. In the latest Dakun x Liu Yong Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, gave us a must have edgy, chic and comfortable collection for everyone. 

Dan Liu S/S 2019 | NYFW

Statement dresses!

We believe every woman should have at least one statement dress they can always count on. And thanks to the latest Dan Liu Spring/Summer 2019 collection, now every woman can have more than one statement dress because each dress of this collection is a statment piece.

Back To Black | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 3

There are normally four seasons of fashion week in New York City a year. Usually, for me, I like to start with the women's fashion week in February and end with women's fashion week in September. For this last outfit look editorial of New York Fashion Week, I took inspiration from the first outfit look editorial I did for the first season of New York Fashion Week early this year.

Ruby Fang S/S 2019 | NYFW

Luxuriously casual!

We love a collection that combines both daily style and luxurious vintage style all at once. In the latest Ruby Fang Spring/Summer 2019 collection, we can find luxurious vintage items that can be easily wearable to a gala event or simply just for a day in town.

Megan Cannings S/S 2019 | NYFW

Big puffy gowns!

There's nothing more glamorous and luxurious than a gown. And in the latest Megan Cannings Spring/Summer 2019 collection, not only gave us vintage gowns but also gave us that big puffiness we all love in a gown. 

Metriculously S/S 2019 | NYFW

Playful and fun!

Not every season you find a collection that just wanna make you jump out of your seat and do flips on the runway. Unfurtonantly that didn't happen, but it did cross our minds while watching the latest Metriculously Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

In Line | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 2

My second day of fashion week started very early and probably my busiest day of the season. Having a show every hour was definitely a challenge but thanks to my JV Crew, we were able to make it on time for most of the shows.

Viktória Tisza S/S 2019 | NYFW

The swimwear of the future!

Next time you're planning in updating your summer style, we suggest to also start reconsidering updating your swimwear along the way. Forget about the old boring swimwear we all know about and update it with the latest Viktória Tisza Spring/Summer 2019 collection. 

Caroline Smouse S/S 2019 | NYFW

Sexy in crochet!

There are a lot of ways to feel comfortable and sexy, but let Caroline Smouse give you an update with her latest Spring/Summer 2019 collection. It will make you can feel comfortable, cozy, sexy and even flexible!

GEOJ Official S/S 2019 | NYFW

Vintage leather, print, and fur!

Not every day you find a collection that has looks with leather, print, and fur all at once. Most importantly, a collection that can be wearable all year round. Here's the latest GEOJ Official Spring/Summer 2019 collection.