June 13, 2018

Silky Summer

Cuban collar shirts for the summer.

Before this year started, I took a moment to think about what my personal style would be for each season of the new year. And for this summer season, I decided that I want to wear more of this silky & fun printed Cuban collar shirts. 

I actually fell in love with these Cuban collar style shirts by the end of last year's summer season, but because the season was almost over, I didn't get the chance to wear as many as I want. But this summer season, I've been preparing myself even before the warm weather was a thing on the east coast.

For an adventurous warm and sunny day in the city of Philadelphia, I thought it was appropriate for me to start off wearing these fun and stylish shirts. One thing I love about this kind of shirts is how easy they can take a look from dressy to casual in a beat.  For this outfit look editorial, I wore what I consider my everyday kind of look but with an update. Wearing my usual combination of a pair of plain pants with sneakers, I updated my usual simple t-shirt for this fun printed Cuban collar shirt from H&amp'M.  

I love how these shirts bring a fun, fresh dressy touch to any look when the shirt is worn tucked in. Making it very fashionable and luxurious but casual and sporty when worn untucked, especially with a nice pair of shorts. 

You better be counting on seeing me wearing more of this Cuban collar style shirts all summer long. I can't wait to share all of the exciting projects I've been working on. This might be the end of a crazy adventure in one city, but my team and I are moving around exploring new inspiring locations and coming out with even more exciting outfit looks. Stay tuned! That's all for today, and I'll be seeing you all in my next post! 



Topman Black Pants 

H&M Grey Sneakers 

H&M Sunglasses 

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