August 8, 2018

Christiansted | St.Croix

Exploring the beautiful city of Christiansted

Starting my birthday vacation on the beautiful island of St.Croix has been one of the best opportunities and experiences I have gotten. Learning from locals and having dinner with chickens were just a couple of the highlights of this amazing adventure.  

A little after arriving in St.Croix, I realized the surprises were just getting started. Not only was I on this amazing island but also staying at the best hotel in the whole island, The Buccaneer Hotel. I was speechless of how highly the locals talk about this hotel. I was seriously a bit scared of what to expect but excited to actually get there. And believe me, I almost died when I saw the view of the room I was going to live in for a few days. Not only was I able to see the entire city of Christiansted from afar, but also enjoy a unique view of the ocean. After settling down in my new home, it was time to head out and explore. It was obvious and more convenience to start this adventure in the beautiful city of Christiansted.

This year, I have been living my life with no expectations and enjoying every little moment life gives me. While walking around this city trying to look for a place to eat, I realized how historical this city is. Also how nice the locals are compared to local new yorkers - including myself. While enjoying a couple of rum punches and stuffing myself right by the bay, some chickens decided to enjoy us for dinner. Luckily, I didn't order chicken, but if I would've, I probably wouldn't mind it cook. 

One thing definitely made me wonder, most of the people that live on this island were from different parts of the united states. After meeting a couple of locals and asking them how is living in St.Croix different from where they're from. I was really surprised to learn that most of the people have moved here to pursue their dreams of being with nature, but also to get away from personal problems and for some of them, the kind of sociality we live in. After having many of these conversations, it myself question why I decided to choose this location for my birthday vacation. And the answer is simple, I wanted to get away to a place far and a place not a lot of people know of. 

Late last year, St.Croix and most islands in the Caribbean were hit by hurricane Maria and didn't take that long for me to realize the damage it made. A lot of damages in houses, historical buildings and even on the island's plant vegetation. Before the hurricane hit, a lot of the locals left the island, and unfortunately, most of them haven't come back to even see their house. But for those who did, have done an amazing work in the last few months in restoring this island back on its feet. By me being here made me feel part of their restoring attribution since their tourist rate has lowered dramatically after the hurricane. 

I couldn't have picked a better location to start off my birthday vacation than St.Croix. I learned so much in just a few hours of being on this island, and couldn't wait to see what else I will learn and explore in the next couple of islands. That's all for today, and I will see you all in my next post.  


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