August 5, 2018

Nine In The Morning S/S 2018

Modern, Urban and Chic 

Usually, when it comes to urban style, prints and bright colors are very common. But for this season, Nine In The Morning created an amazing collection with a modern and chic twist to the common urban style. 

When we first saw this collection, we instantly fell in love with the head-to-toe match trend this collection enhance. We have been in love with this trend since last year and we are very happy to see an entire collection focus on enhancing this trend. But what makes this collection different from other regular urban style collections is the modern and chic twist to it. The colors choices and the prints of this collection are sophisticated and more classic, giving this collection an edgy and modern feel to it.

Besides the color and prints, we are also in love with the cut of the fabric and fit of each individual item of this collection. They give us a vintage feel and put it all together, we get an amazing collection not only full of color and prints but also full of texture and shapes.

Check out more of this collection at nineinthemorning.com

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