December 5, 2018

Time To Leaf

Balancing reality and the future!

Like I mentioned on one of my previous outfit look editorials - Green Life! - something I learned from nature is okay to take breaks. Breaks help you heal, get your mind back on track and is also a great way to find inspiration again. But I'm about to take a break completely different to that.

In the last couple of months, my life has been through a lot of dramatic changes. Don't get me wrong, I'm appreciating the changes and in fact, I consider them to be for the better. But the amount of adjustments I've been having to do has been giving me a kick of reality I was not prepared to face.   Because of this, I have decided to take a break. But not a break to relax, not a break to get inspired again or to try to find what my next goal is. This is a break from reality to focus on what is important to me at this moment, my creative work.

To explain this a bit better, being an artist is hard sometimes to work on future projects while still maintaining a current image in the public eye. Another example would like a successful artist not being seeing by the public eye for a few weeks because they're working on a new album or movie. But doing this can sometimes be a success or failure to any artist. A lot of things have been rolling in my head lately and this situation has been a major topic with myself. I have come up with a plan of action in how to enjoy the present time while working on future projects without having to sacrifice time and energy.  

But before leaving and start focusing on those projects, I decided to go to one of my local parks to enjoy and play with the beautiful leaves who have fallen from the trees. I couldn't help but play with the leaves, throwing them in the air. As I was enjoying myself, I couldn't help to imagine how beautiful these trees would be again next spring, but for now, just like me, they have to leaf. 


Zara Brown Jacket 

Gap Burgundy Sweater 

Old Navy Blue Pants 

Rue 21 Gold Sunglasses 

H&M Grey Fedora Hat 

Bass Brown Dress Shoes 

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