March 29, 2019

Month Favorites #1

January, February & March 2019

The last three months have been very eventful and very overwhelming. They also brought in a lot of new product releases and collections. Breaking them down to only five, here are my favorite and most used items in the last three months. 

5) Zara Sock-Style High Top Sneakers  There are a lot of things you can do when you find yourself having some free time during fashion week, like taking a nap, checking your phone, etc. But for me, it was time to hit the stores for some shopping. While shopping around, I ended up finding these sock-style sneakers. Though I was really unsure if this kind of style shoe would go well with my style, I decided to give them a try. Very Ironically the first pair I picked up, was exactly my size. After purchasing them, I decided to wear them a few times before shooting an editorial with them. Every time I wore them out, a few people stopped me to give me compliments about these shoes and asking me where I got them. I have been wearing them the most I can lately and definitely needed to include them on this feature.

4) Rue 21 Black Squared Sunglasses   While looking around in search of a new pair of sunglasses, I came across these black squared sunglasses from Rue 21. I have around shade face and not all sunglasses suit me well. Once I tried these squared sunglasses, not only they gave me a more proportion shade to my face, they also gave me that fancy and mysterious look I enjoy having. I've been so in love with them, they have become my to go to sunglasses at the moment. 

3) Chanel Boy De Chanel Foundation   When I first discovered the Boy De Chanel collection during my mother's birthday dinner, I knew I needed to get my hands on it. If you follow me on Instagram (@Javierortizny) you know I got my make up done using the entire new collection by one of the make-up artists at a Chanel boutique. After purchasing the entire collection, I've been obsessed with most of it. The first thing I fell in love with was the foundation. Not only it matches perfectly with my skin tone, but it also feels like I have nothing on and keeps my skin matte for most of the day. I've been working a lot in front and behind the camera and looking photo/video ready has been a must for me lately and this foundation has been keeping me on track. 

2) H&M Brown Fedora Hat   I don't really like to consider myself a super busy person, but lately I have been extra busy. From early mornings to late nights, running out of the house for any kind of last-minute meeting or any kind of emergencies, this fedora hat has been my lifesaver. No matter the state of my hair, ready or not, this hat has me looking ready within seconds by just putting it on. Though I own many fedora hats and all in different colors, this brown one has been coordinating with most of my outfit looks lately. I definitely will be keeping this hat around till I get bored of it. 

1) Chanel Boy De Chanel Lip Balm  As I mentioned before, I've been in love with the Boy De Chanel collection. For my number one favorite and most used item, it has to be the Lip Balm from the collection. Like I mention in the video, I had a chapstick obsession and not using any kind of chapstick for a while, I found myself needing something more natural but yet good for my lips. Finding the right lip balm that keeps my lips in balance has been a process, till I tried out this lip balm. Every since I got it, it has become part of my everyday routine. 

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Rue 21 Black Squared Sunglasses 

Chanel Boy De Chanel Foundation 

H&M Brown Fedora Hat 

Chanel Boy De Chanel Lip Balm 


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