March 15, 2019

What Are You Wearing? #1

Mariam Argvilian 

Welcome everyone to our new segment, What Are You Wearing? A segment dedicated to getting to know more our favorite fashion influencers and their personal style. We are happy to be starting this segment with someone close to our JV family, the beautiful and stylish, Mariam Argvilian. 

Last September during New York Fashion Week, before entering the venue of a runway show, I saw a woman pulling off an amazing red suit. Wanting to know who she was, I approached her by giving her a few compliments on her outfit. After having to cut our conversation short because we realized we were already late for the runway show, I was glad I managed to follow her on social media. Though she caught my attention by her amazing red suit at first, she continued keeping my attention with her looks on her Instagram. Having talked to her here and there, I finally decided to ask her if she was willing to help me start this segment and she definitely did. Though we agreed to meet on a specific day during the last season of New York Fashion Week, I was really happy to have come across her outside the same runway venue we first met.

On the actual day of our meet up, as if fashion week wasn't crazy enough, dealing with the MTA is something crazy all new yorkers have to deal with on the daily. Being a new New York resident herself and being fashion week at the time, the interview needed to belated a few minutes. When she arrived at our meet up location running through the entrance, I really appreciated her communication and passion she had with this interview. This showed me how passionate and serious she is as a person and her work. When we finally had the change to sit down and start this interview, I noticed she was a little nervous. Being nervous myself, I tried to make it the whole interview comfortable for both of us. 

I started the interview by asking her questions about herself and a little bit of her background. I noticed besides being nervous, she was a little shy but she kept her cool and was herself all the way through the interview. She was funny, very inspired and most importantly very passionate by what she wears. Though she wasn't ready for some of the questions I asked her, she answered the questions in her own unique way and even some of the questions made her realized more of herself and her style. 

I am looking forward to seeing more of her and her upcoming projects. I am really happy to have been not only inspired by her personality and professionalism, but also her vintage style. Check out the interview below and don't forget to keep up with her inspiring looks on her Instagram at @Svanukka. I hope everyone enjoyed this new segment, a lot more interviews and new segments coming up in the next few weeks so make sure to be keeping up with us on our social media. That's all for now, and I'll see you all on our next post!


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