May 20, 2019

What Are You Wearing? #3

Austen Tosone

About a month ago, I got the chance to meet blogger and freelancer Austen Tosone. Not only she loves and takes her blogging job as a chance to be creative with her writing, but also as a chance to be creative with her personal style. 

Meeting for the first time at a local coffee shop in New York City, I was blown away by her relaxed and welcoming personality from the moment we greet. While setting up for the interview, she shared with me a bit of the video set-up she has at home. Feeling a bit embarrassed and unprofessional from my part because I was trying out a new location for this interview and was doing the best to make it work. Discussing her video set-up and how the struggle was real, made this awkward process much comfortable.

For all the interviews I have done, I haven't seen anyone as comfortable as Austen was in front of the camera. Happy to say, we did it all in one clip. Asking her personal questions like "What did you have for breakfast" and ending up talking about how we like our bagels, this interview has to be one of the most fun ones I have had so far. 

After the interview was over, we headed outside for a fun photoshoot. Walking left to right, right to left, Austen was a natural to the camera. Taking directions like a pro, I started to feel like I was shooting Taylor Hill for a hot second. Before ending, I asked her where she was heading after and we realized we had a similar commute, so we decided to accompany each other. 

From the time of this interview to the time of this post, Austen has released her first e-book - Right On Pitch - and has been working as a freelancer for exactly a year. Austen Tosone has an inspiring style and an inspiring career we should all be keeping an eye on. You can find Auston on Instagram at @Austentosone and on her blog at Keepcalmandchiffon.com


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