December 16, 2019

Men's Everyday Makeup

My Everyday Makeup Routine

Is no secret, I wear makeup! It might be shocking for some people and for others not so much. Being in front of a camera basically almost every day can be hard to "look good" at all times. That's why I wear this simple everyday makeup routine to help me look good, embrace my features and self-confidence. 

When I started creating content for Javiortiz.com right after high school, I started to feel uncomfortable about my skin. When I had my first real photoshoot for an editorial, I was introduced to makeup and it changed my life forever. Since then, my skin has gotten a lot better thanks to a good skin routine but yet, I still like to use minimum makeup daily to help me get a more waken and bright completion. Here's what I use and do to achieve it.

Step 1 - After cleaning and moisturizing my skin, I like to start off by applying concealer. I use two different shades of the same concealer to help me achieve a more natural look. The first concealer is a shade lighter than my regular - more arcuate - shade. This helps me brighten the areas under my eyes - so I don't look dead - the bridge of my nose and some other areas I like to embrace like the top of my chin and under my eyebrows. I later continued with my regular - more arcuate - shade which matches my skin tone to cover up any imperfections like a pimple, a scar or simply something I just want to eliminate. I tried not to go too crazy with it, I still want my natural skin to glow. If you want more coverage, I suggest just using a face foundation, but I don't really like to use face foundation daily since it can be a lot for daily use. 

Step 2 - Once the concealer is applied, I use a small blending brush to blend everything out. Make sure to blend softly and don't forget where you apply the concealer, don't want to leave the house missing a spot. I use a small blending brush from Elf Cosmetics, I love this brand, they are affordable, the products are great for the price and you can always find them at most stores.  

Step 3 - After blending everything out, now it's time to set it. I like to use this Elf Cosmetics sheer HD Powder along with an Eld Cosmetic powder brush. Not only does it help set the concealers, but it also makes them last longer on my skin. I also have oily skin, and using this powder throughout the day helps me look matte all day long.  

Step 4 - But we are not done yet, I can't consider myself to be done I like to moisturize my lips with my favorite Burt's Bees lip balm. No one likes a dry mouth or lips, this also will make you look more natural, fresh, and glowy. And now I'm done! Depending on the day I like to add an extra item and for some others, I like to just wear one or none. Remember, it is your skin and you know it best. I hope everyone finds this helpful in any way and I'll be seeing you all in my next post. 

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