April 6, 2020

Work From Home

7-tips to get used to working from home.

If you are self-employed, about to start working from home for a special reason, or just simply looking for ways to make working from home more productive, this is the post for you. Here are 7 personal tips to get used to working from home. 

1. Wake up early - If you are trying to make the most out of your day, waking up early could be the solution. Not only gives you more time to get work done, but also allows you to enjoy more of personal time. I personally like to wake up early so I can enjoy my morning routine which normally includes breakfast, morning workout, catch up with my social networks and showering. I know myself well enough now and I know I like to take my time when it comes to those things. So, if you are not waking up early yet, give up a try!

2. Set a work schedule - If you are having trouble managing time for work or differencing work and personal time, setting a work schedule is what you need. This will also help you calculate how many hours you are putting into work and know when your time off is. I would suggest understanding your job and working style first. Some of us might feel more comfortable taking multiple breaks during the day, some others might feel more comfortable working curtain hours in a day. Knowing those things will help figure out your own schedule. Once you have a schedule, stick to it and you'll start seeing a big difference. I like to schedule most of my work during the week and give myself the weekend off. If I take a day off during the week, I switch it for a day on the weekend or make it up during the week. I always try to work the same amount of hours within the week regardless of the days, but always try to stick to a single schedule. 

3. Create a daily/weekly to-do-list - Even if you know what things need to be done, writing them down on a to-do-list and timing them out according to each task is a great way to keep yourself organize and productive. Especially if your tasks change often. Each week, I work on different projects and creating a to-do-list helps me guide myself on which tasks I need to work on for the day. This also allows me to get more work done and stay within my work schedule. 

4. Create a comfortable work-space - Working at home is completely different than working at a work facility. Most work facilities are designed to help you focus on your work. Meanwhile, your home is mostly designed to keep you comfortable and cozy. In which sometimes those two don't really go together. This is why creating a work-space within your home is really helpful to keep your focus and productive. I took some time to create my perfect at home work-space because I wanted something simple, but still spacious to keep me focus but comfortable enough for me to spend hours in. Besides that, I also wanted all my work tools to be at hand whenever I need them but still keeping everything organized and clean. 

5. Dress for work - Yes, working from home is great because you don't really have any dress codes or regulations to follow. Everyone is different and has different work styles. But when it comes to me, I like to dress well for work even if I'm at home all day. It helps me feel in the work zone and also helps me differencing work time and relaxing time. 

6. Find motivation - Being at home, at a place known for relaxation and peace. Finding the motivation to past all that and focus on work is sometimes hard to find. But an easy way I like to motivate myself is by giving myself a reason. Some of us might actually have a reason to be working from home, some of us are doing it by choice. But regardless of what it is, it is important to always keep that in mind. 

7. It takes time - I might be a hypocrite if I say all of those tips are easy to follow because they are not. Working from home isn't for everyone, it takes a lot of planning, organizing, and dedication. And I won't lie, I've been working from home for a few years now and I still trying to make working from home a more exciting experience. But just like any other job, it has its cons and pros. 

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