May 15, 2017

Design Shades : White

The power of white! 

Sometimes the simplest things are the ones that inspired us the most. Here at Javiortiz.com we love changes, and sometimes changes can be a lot of work and pricy but is always great to start off with a plain canvas. 

Each day is a new day, so why not make each room of your living space a unique piece of art day by day. Like we mention before, a great way to start off is with a plain canvas, and what color is a canvas? White! Believe it or not, white might be a simple color, but you will surprise of the amazing effect it can bring to every room with the right accessories. Yes, bright colors are fun but for people like us, we like to change things up once in a while and not only painting walls and adjusting things is time consuming, but also it can be pricy.

By having a white room you can do so much with it and you can make each room bring a different feel to it. Like if you like bright colors you can add all the colorful accessories you want in it and each and every items will come to life, but if you are a bit more sophisticated, you can tone it down with some brown and beige and the room will look like a million bucks. But if you're both, then you can easily switch it up anytime without much work needed. Below are a couple of inspirational ways you can use to make each and every room in your house different and unique by just playing with a plain canvas or how we like to call, the power of white. 

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