October 16, 2017

Fall Farms

Season change!

There are a lot of changes that happens when the fall season arrives! Not only the temperature changes but even the trees, our morning drinks, our clothes and for this occasion even farms! Let's go pumpkin picking & flower shopping!

There are a lot of people that like to live in locations with a settle weather conditions. In the other hand, for myself, I like my seasons! Though I do have my preferences, which are spring and summer, I really do enjoy the other ones too. Each season bring a unique smell, looks and feelings but only for a short amount of time. Which is great for someone like myself who is adventures, always learning, and trying out new things.  Starting off this fall season with new personal goals and a greater open mind in learning more about myself, the people around me, and the world I live in, I can say this season change came at the right time.

As personal tradition, I love going pumpkin picking with those who I care the most. This year, not only I went pumpkin picking, but also tried something new, I also went flower shopping. I never thought I would say this, but I felt the need of continuing brighten up my life and what a better to do it than by getting bight colorful flowers. 

For this occasion, I wore these red-orange pants which surprisingly I purchased a couple of years ago and probably only wore them like twice before this occasion. I thought they would match perfect with the color of flowers I was inspired in getting. Along that idea, I wore this plaid shirt, which once belonged to someone special to my heart. To top it all, I wore my favorite fall season fedora hat. For some reason, I tend to wear this fedora hat mostly during the fall/winter season to the point, every time I wear it, it gives me fall/winter vibes and hey, is fall! For fishing touches, I wore a pair of light brown slippers. Though I did have my years of judging people for wearing slippers in the past, I would say with the right look, you can make them work. Like I usually say, you can't leave the house with a good pair of sunglasses. For this look, I wore my old navy gold sunglasses. They were the perfect color shades for this outfit look. 

Continuing in trying out new things to do and learning more the world we live in, I can say that so far I have learn a lot more than I though I would. But I'm not gonna keep it all to myself, I'll be sharing my experiences, teaching & empowering all of you like I have been doing for years now. There's a lot coming up, things I'm working on, and many, many new surprises. That's all for today, hope you're all enjoy this outfit look as much as I enjoy creating it and stay tuned for the many new posts coming up!


Forever 21
 Orange Red Pants  

Kohl's Red Squared Shirt 

Target  Light Brown Slippers  

Vintage Light Brown Fedora Hat 

Old Navy Sunglasses 

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