September 3, 2018

Short Do!

New look same style

Very often I like to change up my personal style and overall look. Usually, these changes happen at the beginning of a new season, but this time, I couldn't wait for it. Went from having long hair to short hair, to even rocking the mustache. Here's my new recent overall look from my recent trip to the Hamptons. NY.  

Around this time last year, I decided that I wanted to let my hair grow as much as possible. I let it grow all the way close to my shoulders since I wanted to rock on braids for the summer. I would normally keep on the same hairdo as long as the season last. But my look for this summer season started even before the season start. Because of that, I felt like it was necessary to come up with a new fresh look.

This time I went for a shorter hairstyle. Even though I attempted to shave off my hair when the year started, I decided that it was not the right time for that extreme change yet. But I will say I might do that at some point in my life again. For now, I will stick by having a short hairdo. While looking at myself in the mirror, I felt like something else was needed. So while trimming my beard, I got a little too carried on with my trimming machine and trimmed basically all my beard but left only the mustache. I have always wondered how I would look like by having just a mustache and surprisingly I ended up really liking it. While visiting the Hamptons, I saw a lot of guys rocking the mustache as well, which seems like is becoming a trend. Glad I'm getting on board without even realizing it. 

For my first outfit look editorial in The Hamptons, I decided to visit the village of East Hampton, NY. While walking around the village and eating delicious local ice cream, I found this gap between two buildings that was filled with plants and flowers. I walked into this gap and walked all the way to the end of it to find a major patio with a big tree. Making it the perfect location for this outfit look. Even though I changed my personal look, I wanted to still stick with my current summer style. Like I mentioned before, this summer I've been obsessed with Cuban collard shirt and for this outfit look. For this editorial, I decided to go for a more formal look. Wearing this nice floral Cuban collard shirt from H&M, I paired it with a pair of skinny beige pants along with a pair of brown dress shoes. I can't go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses and for this look, I picked these classic black Ray-Ban sunglasses. 

Even though is almost the end of this summer season, I would have to say I will be rocking this new look till the actual season ends. Already thinking of what my new overall look and style will be for this upcoming fall season, but till then, I'm rocking out this short do and mustache. That's all for today, hope everyone like my new look and I'll see you all in my next post. 


H&M Blue Floral Shirt 

H&M Light Beige Pants 

Zara Brown Dress Shoes 

Ray-Ban Black Sunglasses 

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