October 5, 2018



October has officially started, not only a new month has started, but also a new season. During this month, temperatures, trees and pants, and mostly everything surrounding us starts to change and so does everyone's style. Keep up with the change and get inspired by this month's Inspiration Wall.

We all know the autumn season is sweater season, and that's why is that time of the year to bring out your favorite sweaters and scarfs too. Even though the weather is slowly changing, we recommend starting with the light and soft sweaters and while the temperatures get colder and colder, then move on with the more thick and fluffy sweater to even jackets. 

Not only autumn is the best time to wear sweaters and scarfs, but autumn is also great to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. So if you didn't leave the house during the summer season because it was too hot, there are no excuses this season because is not so hot nor so cold. This month, we are looking forward to enjoying our annual pumpkin picking trip and most importantly, looking forward in enjoy the beauty of the colorful leaves from the trees. 

We hope everyone enjoys and get inspired by our photo collection below. Remember, each month is unique and so are we, so enjoy every moment of it. 

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