October 19, 2018

PJ's To Go!

Casual pajama outfit look!

Running late? No problem, just jump out of bed, fix your hair and you're ready to start off your day. Well, maybe not that simple, but it does work on some occasions. Continuing trying to step out of my comfort zone, not only was this outfit look fun to wear but also very very comfortable.

Fun story, back in June while visiting New York City for a day after deciding to spend my summer season out in Long Island. I came to the surprise of unexpected work meetings, making my one day visit turned into a four-day visit. No other choice than to go last minute shopping. While shopping around for a nice Cuban collard shirt, you know, trying to keep up with my Cuban collard shirt trend of mine for the summer season. I didn't end up liking any of the Cuban collard shirts many of the stores had available. But one shirt did stand out for me, and it was this nice blue stripped shirt.

After taking it and trying it on, I found out it was actually part of a pajama set. I really didn't care much and I ended up pairing it with a paired of shorts instead and I got myself a good looking outfit for work. Unfortunately, I didn't end up posting an outfit picture for that day but I did end up posting a few Insta-stories and people were going crazy asking me where I got myself this shirt. I guess we all just found out this shirt is not just a shirt, but a shirt from a pajama set. 

After basically pulling off a pajama shirt and making it fashionably appropriate to wear with other items, this time, I decided to go all pajama out. Recently I have been seeing the pajama trend coming alive by a few celebrities and fashion icons. I couldn't wait to try it out myself and decided to pull off the same pajama set I purchased back in June and wear it to one of the most visit neighborhoods in New York City - Dumbo, Brooklyn. 

Even though these photos were taken somewhat around 4pm, I couldn't miss my "morning" run to Starbucks. While walking around in this outfit, not only I was turning heads all around, I was also getting complimented. Compare to my last two outfit editorials, I had a lot more fun with this outfit look than I thought I would. And honestly, I would definitely wear pajamas out again.


H&M PJ Set 

Coach White Leather Shoes 

Rue 21 Sunglasses 

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