November 16, 2018

Green Life!

Leasons from nature!

Is crazy to think of amazing nature is. But have you ever thought of maybe the way nature functions can actually be inspiring when it comes to your personal life? We already know nature makes a big part of our lives when it comes to our survival and if we take a closer look at how nature functions, we can learn a lot of things most of us should consider incorporating into our personal lives.

For a few years now, there's nothing I love more than being outdoors. Every time there's a nice warm day out, I usually try to go out for a walk or just enjoy the day as much as I can. Not only helps my sleep-self stay awake but also gives me a reason to appreciate the day much more. The other day I was seating in a park out-east of new york just thinking of how all the beautiful trees and flowers were going to be gone in just a few weeks. But then I remind myself everything will all be back next spring stronger, taller and with brighter colors. And that's where it hit me, even nature takes breaks.

I won't lie, I have taken breaks here and there for many reasons and I know is good to clear your mind, reset your energy levels and get inspired again. But for some reason, I find myself taking breaks more often than I expect and usually feel bad about it. I started thinking of the number of times nature takes breaks and usually is for most of the year. But let's not forget, just because nature takes a break, doesn't mean ain't doing anything. 

So what exactly is a break? Is it just to relax? For the most part, it is, but not all of it. I started thinking of the main reason why I need breaks and I came to the conclusion that I take breaks not only to just have a reality check of how I'm doing in life but also to see what changes and updates I need to arrange. Also working a lot and doing other things usually takes away a lot of me-time. And taking a break from work or other responsibilities is a great way to adjust your day to day routine. This year alone, I have taken two breaks. One of the begging of the year and just came back from one. But both of these recent breaks were not only for my mental health but also because I need a break to talk to myself and figured out what my next step in life would be. Found new motivation again for work and also getting ready to start off a new year. 

Just like nature, is okay to take breaks! But make sure you take advantage of those breaks to motivate yourself, renew yourself, and feel the best you can to work on your future plans, dreams, and goals. That's all for today, I hope everyone enjoys this post and I'll be seeing you all in my next one!


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