February 9, 2019

Bearly Blues | NYFW

New York Fashion Week: Day 1

A new season of New York Fashion Week is officially here! And to start off the new season, I decided to embrace my favorite color, blue. Here's what I wore on my first day of New York Fashion Week and a little recap of my day! 

Once arriving back in New York City after being away for a few weeks - you will find out why soon - there was no time to waste and headed straight to my temporary home at the Arlo Soho Hotel.  After doing a quick check-in, it was time to change into my first outfit of the season and run straight to my first show of the day, the Fashion Hong Kong A/W 2019!

For some reason, I miss calculated the location of the show and took my team and me a longer time than planned to arrive. Luckily we able to arrive at the right location with enough time to catch up with a few of my blogger friends before the show started. That little moment got me to realize how many people I know in the industry and also a little reminder of how fun the shows can be when you're there with people you know. 

At the moment the show ended it was time to head out to the next show. Trying not to freak out for being a bit late already because the shows never start on time, my team and I were able to make it to the next show right on time. If you ain't running late anywhere during New York Fashion Week, you ain't doing fashion week right. 

Between shows, I took a little break from running around to take a few outfit shots before returning to the craziness. Like mentioned before, I decided to start the new season of New York Fashion Week by embracing my favorite color, blue. I purchased this blue bear coat not too long ago and I couldn't wait to wear it. I styled this coat with a white t-shirt with the words "New York" printed on it. To keep me even warmer from the cold, I wore a navy blue turtleneck sweater underneath the white t-shirt. Keeping it blue, I wore a pair of navy blue pants to contrast the light blue shade of the coat and the white of the t-shirt. For shoes, I decided to balance the look by wearing a pair of white shoes and my darkest shades I own at the moment, so people can't tell how tired I was.  

My first day of New York Fashion Week ended by attending the Fashion Hong Kong after-party at the Arlo Soho hotel. After talking to the designers of the show and socializing with other bloggers and people of the industry, it was time to head down to my room since the event was at the same hotel I'm staying at. It was a long day. But is fashion week and I'm really happy to be part of it for another season. That's all for now, looking forward another crazy day head and can't wait to share it with you all soon on my second-day of New York Fashion Week post.

Photos by Karol Piotrowski & Sapnil Barua exclusively for Javiortiz.com 


Forever 21 Bear Blue Coat 

H&M White "New York" T-Shirt 

H&M Navy Blue Pants 

Puma White Sneakers 

Rue 21 Black Aviator Sunglasses 

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