March 25, 2019

Long Island City, NY

A known but yet an unknown city! 

There are many parts of New York City I have been to and also some parts I have not. But this location I have known for many years and though I haven't taken the time to spent much time in it, surprisingly the little time I have carries a lot of memorable memories.

Long Island City is a town located in the borough of Queens, NY. This town is also known as one of the "fancy" towns of this borough and I can't lie, it sort of is. The first time I was in this town was around five years ago when a group of friends invited me to hang out with them and they decided to pick this location as a place to relax and enjoy a nice view of the New York City skyline at night time.

A few years later, I came to back to this location to enjoy the amazing Macy's fireworks for the 4th of July. And ironically a year after that, I came back to this location as part of a date night. Not only once, but twice within a few months. Around this time, is where I started to figure out this location has started to become a major part of my life. So I decided to add a little extra touch to my box of memories and celebrate my birthday a year after in a very popular restaurant called "Blend on the water" located right at the heart of this location. A month or so later, like most things in life, they come to an end! Marking another memorable moment in my life that moment was also the last time I was in this location. 

Now almost two years later, I decided to make a comeback and not only to remember these memorable moments but also appreciating the changes not only in my life but also in the surroundings. Though I might not have spent many hours or days in this town before, for what I have experienced, there have been major changes in this neighborhood. From the people to even the commercial environment. This time, I got the chance to walk around this neighborhood, walked into a few stores and just learn more about this lovely location. I would say that I will definitely plan to expend more time in this location, especially this upcoming summer season.  

For this occassion, I decided to shoot this outfit look editorial at one of Long Island City's most popular places, the Gantry Plaza State Park. Which is exactly where most of my memorable moments took place.  For this look, I decided to keep it casual but still adding a touch of my personal style. I wore a pair of skinny jeans, though I don't normally wear them. I also wore this black sweater with green and white lines on it. Since is the beginning of spring, I like to slowly incorporate beight colors into my outfits. Talking about colors, I wore these green loafers to also match the green lines on the sweater. I wanted a nerdy feel to this look, so I wore my cleared aviator glasses. 

I'm sooo looking forward to the warm season and even though we have been having warm temperatures lately, I'm happy to be enjoying this weather in this amazing location. That's all for today, I hope everyone enjoys this look and I'll see you all on my next post!


Forever 21 Black Lined Sweater 

H&M Skinny Jeans 

Topman Green Loafers 

Aldo Shoes Aviator Glasses 

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