June 5, 2019

The Vessel

New York City's new landmark!

The city of New York has added a new landmark to its records and it's not your ordinary kind of building. Visiting New York City's amazing new sculpture, The Vessel, at the newly renovated Hudson Yards, NY. 

I remember a little over a year ago - when I was living in Chelsea, NY -  I was driving around looking for an open space to park my car and I couldn't find one. Deciding to drive up further west, I ended up on the eleventh ave, and while driving on it, I noticed a huge metal structure being built just a block from where I was living at the time. At first, I thought it was the metal structure of a new building, but later on, I found out it was a mega sculpture.

A few months ago, this mega sculpture was officially open and I couldn't wait to make my visit and see it for myself. This new sculpture is now known as "The Vessel". Built right in the center of the newly renovated Hudson Yards. This amazing creation was designed by British designer Thomas Heatherwick, which has designed many of the other new landmarks and buildings throughout the city. 

When walking into The Vessel for the first time, I was blown away by how huge this sculpture actually is. When walking through the sculpture, I felt nice and really luxurious, wasn't too sure if it was my outfit making feel that way or the copper surrounding me. Not also that, but when making it to the top of The Vessel, the amazing view of the New York city skyline was visible and right over was a view of our neighbor state, New Jersey. I was also short of breath after walking all the steps throughout the sculpture, a little reminder that I really needed to head back to the gym. 

Is crazy to be reminded of how much the city of New York is changing by the minute without many of us realizing it. If it wasn't for me not being able to find a parking space when I was living just a block away from the new Hudson Yards, I would've never known about this sculpture as early as I did. I'm really proud of the new changes this city has taken and though I think there are a lot more changes to be made in this city - like the subway system - I'm proud to consider this amazing city, my home!


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