May 13, 2020

Ride Away

Social distancing in the ocean

Social distancing has taken a whole new meaning in the last recent months. And even though it has been challenging to avoid people at all costs, I have found a few ways to do so. Some of them including taking myself to the middle of the ocean. 

Summer season is about to start soon and as the weather gets warmer so is the summer activities. Living on an island during the summer has a lot of pros and one of them includes having the ability to social distance yourself from people on land by going on a boat trip. That's right, I was lucky enough recently to go on a boat ride into the middle of nowhere. Taken advantage of the moment, I decided to take these photos for this editorial before heading out and ride away.

On the day of this trip, the weather was a bit cloudy and chill by the wild wind. For this look, I decided to wear this navy blue long sleeve polo shirt for a more sophisticated look. To make this look more summery, I decided to wear my favorite white pants. I was glad I was able to keep them clean for most of the day. To add it all together, I wore a pair of navy blue driving shoes. Regardless of the cool weather, I was feeling my early summer fantasy because let's be honest I can't wait for the actual summer to start. 

I'm very thankful for the many opportunities I've been able to receive during this time of quarantine. Including being able to social distance myself as much as possible because I know not a lot of people can't do due to their location. I hope everyone is doing well and are still following social distancing as much as possible. That's all for now and I'll see you all on my next post!

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