May 31, 2012

Freaking Love Instagram

When I first heard about Instagram from a friend of mine back in January, I was like "wow, I wanna try that". So then, I decided to make an account and publish my first photo. Then, the second one. Then, the third one & so on. Later, I started to follow friends, family, etc. but those photos were just like a random kind of stuff that didn't have any sense.
One day I was walking on the street and I took a photo of a tree and it came out amazing. Later on the day same day, I took another one & it came out even better. Since that day, I realize that I can take good photos. I love NYC & I'm one of the lucky ones to live near it. Since I found out I have a good talent on taking photos & I love NYC, why not mix them both? (that might explain why I have so many photos of NYC on instagram) Thanks to instagram, I found something new about me & I get to share with you all my enjoyable habit. But I don't just like instagram because it helped me find something that I didn't know. I like it because it also gives me the opportunity to open up the world with my eyes. know someone better, & because I learn much better when I see something, instagram allows me to do that. Whether it's to learn about my friends last weekend party, or someone's vacation in England, I found it more interesting then just write about. With one photo, you can know so much. In other words, I just love Instagram & can't honestly tell why! Lmao.

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