October 7, 2012

New York Adventure (Museum Of Natural History)

The Museum Of Natural History is one of my favorite places to visit here in New York. I had visit this place for so many times, that sometimes i feel like i live in it. lmao.
Although I'm not too good at science like i would like to, i do like to know and learn the basics of our history and learn what the future is holding for us. This museum is soooo big, it takes more than a day to see everything they have. From past to present, from the sea to earth, from Africa to America this museum has it all you need to see and learn from nature. The Museum itself is so beautiful, it doesn't even look like a museum. This museum is located across the most amazing park in the world, The Central Park! So if you need some fresh air, just walk out side and enjoy the breeze. This Museum is not only great to learn nature's history but also a great place to meet and see people of other countries. Below are some pictures I took in the museum, hope everyone enjoy them and maybe you stop here the next time you're in New York =D

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