November 3, 2015

Red Leaves

Beautiful bright nature colors!

There's no debate, nature is beautiful! Specially during this time of the year, from bright radian colors to firing sunsets. Inspired by those nature moments, a multi-color stripped jumper, makes me feel warm and at home, even away from home. 

While looking through my closet, I came across this lovely sweater I got not too long ago. I love the fun bright color stripes of this sweater, making it playful and fun to wear. The weather outside was so nice, it was perfect for a nice walk at the park. Once I got there, I didn't even realized how beautiful and how fast the nature has changed since the season began. There's not a better feeling than the feeling you get when you feel the fresh wind blowing in your face, the smell of the fresh air and staring at much amazing creation of mother nature. Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely fall season, and remember to stay warm. That's all for today, and I'll see you all in our next post!

Tommy Hilfiger Knitted Colored Lined Sweater

H&M Stripped Shirt 

Zara Ripped Blue Jeans 

Zara Brown Loafers 

Forever Round Glasses

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