November 19, 2015

Sunshine Apples

Warm season, perfect apples!

Fall season is said to be fashionistas favorite season of the year, but gonna be honest, I do like fall, but my heart is in summer. Unfortunately, is fall and of my favorite things to do during the season is apple picking.

As I was talking to one of my close friend's about the crazy warm weather we been having in the last couple of days, let's not forget, we are in the middle of the season and looks like fall, but does't feel like fall. Since it was warm out, we decided to go out and go apple picking.

Thanks to the beautiful colors of the leaves, it inspired me to wear this fun yellow shirt, along with white pants to not over power the light yellow color from the shirt. Because the ground was a bit wet and I didn't want to get my shoes dirty or mess-up, I decided to make my shoes out and walk barefoot. As a usual sunny day, sun glasses can help your eyes stay protected and specially during apple picking, cuz you never know what may come down by pulling an apple out of the tree. Hope everyone is having a fun fall season and we'll see you in our next post.

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